The Haunted Landon House in Urbana, Maryland

The Landon House, located in Urbana, Maryland, is an isolated structure that many claim to be haunted. Constructed in the year of 1754, this home has sat along the Rappahannock River among the shadows of immense shade trees. Originally, the intention for the construction was to create a silk mill. However, the structure was relocated to Urbana, Maryland. It was there that it served as an academy for females and then it was transformed into a Military Academy. It was not uncommon, at the time, for the basement of the beautiful building to be used to confine slaves. Here, you will learn about the haunted history of the ever-popular Landon House.

As the Civil War came into the picture in American History, a man who was a General in the war by the name of J.E.B Stuart obtained ownership of the home. The General serviced the socially elite in the community by sponsoring many social events at the majestic home. Examples included dances, social gatherings, and dinners. One of the most popular events includes a dance that he hosted at the structure in the year of 1862, the second day of September. Many refer to this as the “Sabers and Roses Ball”. The following twenty four hour period proved to be full of tragedy as he and the soldiers fought in what is considered to be one of the deadliest battles ever.

Once this deadly battle took place, the Landon House transformed from a place for the socially elite to a makeshift hospital. Individuals who were injured or dying were often taken to the home in order to receive care, if care was available for their injuries, infections, and sicknesses. Many soldiers who were confined to the house for care met their fate within the walls of the structure. The emotional tension in the home was absolutely immense. It was not uncommon to hear painful prayers yelled out from what was left of soldiers lying on the cots, or to hear them begging for help because of the extreme amount of discomfort that they were in.

Since the days in which the Landon House served as a hospital for these soldiers, employees and individuals who have visited the structure have witnessed many paranormal events and/or heard of paranormal events that have taken place in and around the building. One area where there are many accounts of paranormal events is the basement area. It is believed that the slaves who were held in this area suffered tremendously and that many of them died due to sickness, abuse, and less than sanitary conditions. Today, if you visit this area of the house, it is likely that you will encounter a strange cold sensation, the feeling as if you are being watched, or even a slight tap from an unseen force.

Many individuals have witnessed apparitions that appear to be soldiers dressed in Civil War attire. These soldiers have been seen both in the property surrounding the Landon House, as well as in the house itself. Based on the witness accounts, paranormal investigators seem to believe that these spirits are residual hauntings. Residual hauntings occur when emotional energy remains strong in a particular area. It is a type of energy that is left behind in such a way that the memories appear to be visual to the individuals that experience them.

If you enjoy finding haunted places to go, this house is a great opportunity to experience paranormal activity. If you are going to be in Urbana, Maryland, be sure to look up Urbana Pike. Once you find it, look for the numeric address of 3401. You may also give them a call at the Landon House in order to set up a tour. The phone number is 305-6600, area code 301. Each Friday every week, the employees provide a ghost walk that will educate you on the unique paranormal events that occur in and around the Landon House. These tours take place at 8:30pm.

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