The Hauntings Of The Beardslee Castle

Little Falls, New York

The Beardslee Castle in Little Falls, New York stands today as an elegant restaurant. This beautiful structure stands in the midst of the Mohawk Valley on top of a small hill that overlooks the ever-popular route 5. Visitors and employees of this magnificent fine dining restaurant claim that there are many spiritual guests in addition to the several physical guests that visit this fine establishment on a daily basis. Here, you will learn about the history, and the hauntings of the Beardslee Castle in Little Falls, New York.


In the year of 1860, Augustus Beardslee built the Beardslee Castle that now serves as one of the most revered restaurants in New York. His son, Guy, eventually laid claim to the castle. While all went relatively well under the watchful eye of Guy Beardslee, in the year of 1919, while he was away in Florida, the structure experienced a fire. Restorations began and ended quickly. Guy Beardslee died in the year of 1937, immediately followed by his wife, Ethel, in 1941. Anton Christensen purchased the enormous structure immediately following these deaths and turned it into a restaurant. Unfortunately, a terminal illness pushed this man to his brink in the 1950’s and he committed suicide as a way to escape his ill health inside the castle.

Eventually, a man by the name of Joe Casillo would come to own the restaurant. This man, with respect to the original owners and creators, named the restaurant the “Beardslee Manor”. Restorations went into effect around the year of 1982 on the second floor of the magnificent castle. It was at this time that many individuals felt as if there were paranormal activities going on inside the building. Seventy years and seven months after the initial fire, on the 30th day of August in 1989, yet another fire occurred in the castle. While the building suffered damage, it was not beyond restoration. It lay abandoned until 1992 when two individuals by the names of Randall Brown and Tim Baumeister purchased it. Now, it has been renamed “Beardslee Castle” and is currently in full operation.

The Hauntings of the Castle

The story of Beardslee Castle would not be complete without the story of the hauntings of the castle. One of the first stories that circulated included those that spoke of a manly figure that seemed to be completely surrounded by shadows. However, there was also said to be a female that wore white that took the appearance of an apparition. She was commonly referred to as the “lady in white”. It was unknown as to what this man and woman spirit was seeking by haunting the castle, but it is believed that they may be early generation Beardslee family members.

When the Beardslee Castle first became a restaurant, there were several unusual situations that occurred. The individuals who worked in the kitchen stated that it was quite common to discover kitchen utensils and dishes to be moved. Those that worked in the table area and prepared the tables for guests were often quite perturbed to discover that after they had worked so hard to set all the tables, the settings would be disheveled and even moved altogether. In many cases, these dishes could not even be located once they were found to be missing.

Many exciting tales of hauntings, noises, lights, growls, and things that go bump in the night have been said to wander the grounds and floors of the Beardslee Castle, do you dare to uncover the truth?

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Beardslee Castle
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Little Falls, New York 13365

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