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There are many haunted places in Washington, but one that remains to be popular among most is the Manresa Castle. This structure serves as a hotel, a restaurant, as well as a lounge so many visit the location annually.

Several witnesses have stated that there seems to be an immense level of paranormal activity in the Manresa Castle. The construction of this structure was completed in the year of 1892. At that point in history, it served as a home to Charles Eisenbeis and his wife, Kate. Mr. Eisenbeis was one of the most prominent members of the business district of his time, having an avid interest in several different industries such as lumber, hotels, financial institutions, bakery, and more. In this guide, you will learn about the history of the castle as well as the unusual events that apparently take place at the structure.

In the year of 1878, Charles Eisenbeis was elected as the very first mayor when the city became incorporated in the county of Jefferson. Due to the fact that he was considered a social elite throughout the community, he found it in his best interest to construct a home that appropriately reflected his social status. Eventually, the Manresa Castle would gain the reputation of being the largest private estate constructed in the area. The castle was often referred to as the "Eisenbeis Castle" by those that lived in the area. It consisted of thirty individual rooms, walls that were one foot in thickness, tiled fireplaces that were designed by artisans from Germany, and a beautiful slate roof. In the year of 1902, Charles passes away. His widowed wife eventually remarried and left the structure. The caretaker remained to be the only person on the grounds for nearly two decades.

By the time that the year 1925 rolled around, the castle was purchased for a luxury vacation destination for trained nuns that acted as professors in the schools in the Seattle area. This lasted until 1927 when Jesuit based priests purchased the castle. They intended to use it as a college for individuals interested in training in ascetic theology. The following year, many renovations were made to the castle. The name "Manresa Hall" was then given to the building. In the year of 1968, the building was sold and converted into a hotel. It was at that time that the name of "Manresa Castle" was given to the structure.

There are several strange and unusual events that seem to take place in the various haunted places in Washington. This is especially true when it comes to this particular castle. It is rumored that there are at least two spiritual beings that reside in the castle. The first ghost is said to be a Jesuit priest that once resided in the castle. It is said that this individual became distraught in life and went to the tower that is located just above the third floor. While there, he committed suicide by hanging himself in the tower. Individuals that have stayed in the room just below the tower, which is identified as "302" claim to hear noises emitted from the tower, and upon inspection, there is no explanation for the events. Many have claimed that they see a hooded figure wandering around in the building, and it is believed to be the priest. While haunted places in Washington typically do accumulate several rumors, witnesses verify that this is a very real presence in the castle.

The next ghost that is rumored to be present in the Manresa Castle is that of "Kate". Just to be clear, this is not the same Kate that lived in the structure once it was constructed. This is a woman that stayed at the structure for quite some time at one point, though it is not exactly clear which decade this happened. There is a room that is identified as the "Tower Suite" which is numbered "306". It is believed that she committed suicide by throwing herself from the window of the room. While there is a lot of speculation on why this occurred, many eye witnesses have claimed to see the full body apparition of this woman throughout the building.

When it comes to haunted places in Washington, most individuals require some sort of historical documentation in order to validate the stories surrounding such structures. However, the stories of the Jesuit Priest and the woman known as "Kate" lack in this area. While it could be that there is, in fact, spirits roaming this haunted castle, there is much doubt surrounding which spirits and even if the strange and unusual activity surrounding the castle is related to the paranormal. The fact remains, though, that there is something going on. If you have always wanted to experience one of the haunted places in Washington, the Manresa Castle is an excellent option. It is located on the corner of 7th and Sheridan in the town of Port Townsend. Get the directions, view photos, and read the reviews and traveler tips for the Manresa Castle.

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