Haunted Places in Iowa:

The Mason House Inn

Haunted Mason House Inn

One of the most popular haunted places in Iowa is the Mason House Inn which is located in the city of Bentonsport. Nestled in the heart of the Midwest, this magnificent structure is loaded with intriguing history, and a mysterious present. Individuals around the world who are interested in the paranormal flock to this spiritual haven in order to conduct research and conclusive evidence of the stories that float around this hotel, while others visit this structure out of natural curiosity. Here, I will introduce you to this extremely popular haunted place in Iowa, the Mason House Inn.

Ghostly Encounters

There have been a wide number of ghostly encounters at the Mason House Inn. This is, in part, why it is considered to be one of the most haunted places in Iowa. Joy Hanson is the current owner of this particular hotel. Recently, this woman was interviewed and questioned about the spiritual occurrences that exist within the hotel. Here, I will summarize some of the paranormal activity that Mrs. Hanson shared in her interview. If you are a ghost hunter, or just an individual who is interested in haunted tales, you are sure to enjoy the stories listed here.

At one point, there was a guest to the hotel that resided in room number five. This particular guest was a minister who did not believe in ghosts and other types of paranormal activity. As he lay in bed and slept, he woke up to feel a tugging on his sleeve. As he looked in the direction of the tugging, there was absolutely nothing there. As he tried to get out of bed, the tugging continued.

• At one point, a couple of visitors came to the Mason House Inn and these individuals expressed the fact that they were able to physically observe a boy, who seemed to be approximately thirteen years of age. The hotel staff has actually named this particular spirit. He has been known to appear to guests, knock on doors, and similar types of activities.

The room which is numbered as seven has been said to issue “bad feelings” when it comes to guests. It is said that there is a documented case in which an individual by the name of “Mr. Knapp” was murdered in this room. It seems he had mistaken the room for his, but another man had paid for seven. When Mr. Knapp tried to get into the bed, not realizing the other individual was there, the main guest stabbed him and he died. Accounts by guests of this room have noted steps, sounds, and other unexplained events. The daughter of the owner has had her behind patted while making up the bed, and has yet to return to the room alone.

There are a number of hauntings and experiences that have occurred at the Mason House Inn. This is why it is noted as one of the most haunted places in Iowa. Guests have experienced seeing foggy apparitions, for with no origination, knocks, tugging, touching, and similar types of activities. If you are interested in learning more, or experiencing the haunts of the Mason House Inn for yourself, check for the lowest price, get directions, view photos, and read the reviews and traveler tips for the Mason House.

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