Haunted Ohio:

The Mansfield Reformatory

Ohio State Reformatory

While there are many noted haunted Ohio places, The Mansfield Reformatory remains to be one of the most popular locations in the area.

This haunted prison resembles a castle with both Germanic and Romanesque structural elements. While exhibiting beauty and appeal on the outside that is quite inviting, the history and the testimonial experiences that are paranormal based are far from attractive.

Ghost hunters and individuals seeking to uncover a link between the spiritual world and the physical world have long been drawn to this historical haunted prison all throughout history. Here, you will learn about The Mansfield Reformatory in haunted Ohio.

The History of The Mansfield Reformatory Structure

The Mansfield Reformatory structure is believed to have been built in the year of 1886 in order to play host to individuals who were sent to prison on first time offenses. It was the goal and intention of the prison initially to successfully reform individuals who committed serious crimes so that they may reenter society and function appropriately under the laws and regulations imposed by that society. While this intention was a positive one, nearly one hundred years later, the program changed and complicated issues were starting to take place in the structure. As time progressed, the conditions were deemed “inhumane”, and this would lead to the closure of the prison in the year of 1990. Conditions included torture, physical and mental abuse, and even murder.

Haunted History

The Mansfield Reformatory no longer hosts physical inhabitants. The walls are decaying, the facility is no longer suitable for people and dust and cobwebs are about the only physical remains left in the structure. However, it is believed, based on several experiences and sightings that restless, angry spirits still roam the halls of the enormous castle like structure.

These spirits are believed to be those of the prisoners that served their time in this building, as well as the guards and other types of employees that were responsible for the prisoners and the maintenance of the structure. Visitors to this haunted prison have experienced a wide range of paranormal activity, and based on the history of the structure, it is believed to be those who were held or worked in the facility, or had a close tie to someone who did.

Paranormal Encounters in the Haunted Prison

There are been a number of paranormal encounters and experiences in this haunted Ohio prison. Listed below are some of the activities that have been shared by a number of individuals – the general public and ghost hunters alike:

1.In the chapel area of this haunted Ohio prison, several sightings have been noted of orbs, as well as actual spirits. This area originally served as an area of execution. Many were tortured, hung, and died in this room.

2. The administration area is believed to be haunted in that many events have taken place here – not just in the history of this haunted prison, but in the presence by the means of paranormal activity. Gusts of cold air, the scent of perfume that favors the smell of roses, and even technical difficulty with cameras and video recording equipment is very common to this area of The Mansfield Reformatory.

3. The actual cells of this haunted Ohio structure have had a number of paranormal experiences from noises to visible sightings. Individuals in the last couple of decades who resided in the facility even contested to the fact that at night it often felt as if someone was “tucking” them in while sleeping. In history, the nurses and others would do this in order to comfort the prisoners.

4. The area that was referred to as the “hole” where a number of individuals were tortured, and even killed, has many uncomfortable experiences noted by a variety of individuals. Many have felt nauseated and actually gotten sick, cold corners and breezes have been experienced and scary eyes that seem to glow in the midst of the ominous darkness has been experienced.

5. The basement of The Mansfield Reformatory, one of the most popular haunted places to date, is said to house a spirit of a boy of only fourteen years of age. There are other designated spirits to the area. Individuals have seen and heard many things that could not be explained in this area. It is not uncommon to feel an impending sense of doom, cold breezes, and immense fear in this area.

There are a number of other areas that have been noted in paranormal activity, but these areas are the most popular.

Ghost Hunting in The Mansfield Reformatory

Today, The Mansfield Reformatory has a number of options for the individual that is looking to experience the paranormal activity that has been noted throughout history. There are basic tours, ghost hunting tours, and even special activities for Halloween. In addition to this, there is a gift shop and a museum that houses a replica of the tortuous electric chair that was used at The Mansfield Reformatory. If you would like to find out more information on the activities that you can take part in, simple call 1-419-522-2644 or visit their website below. Take your chance to visit one of the most popular haunted Ohio places, The Mansfield Reformatory!

Here is a video documentary of some of the hauntings at Mansfield

Location: The Mansfield Reformatory

Corner of State Route 545 and Reformatory Road



Website: www.mrps.org

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