The Haunted Myrtles Plantation

Myrtles Plantation

The ever-popular and historically haunted Myrtles Plantation is nestled deep in the southern shadows in St. Francisville, Louisiana.This particular home has been noted as “One of America’s Most Haunted Homes”, and sparks the interest of avid ghost hunters, and those who are simply curious about the circulated rumors of haunts and spirits of the haunted Myrtles Plantation on an annual basis.

In the year of 1796, a man named David Bradford, who was also a noted General in his time, built the plantation and hailed it with the name “Laurel Grove”. While the home eventually was sold, traded, and inherited a number of times due to deaths, and financial complications, there is one thing that holds true throughout its entire history – the fact that it is has been associated with a number of hauntings and unusual experiences to those that lived and/or visited it.

It is said that the home was originally constructed in a location which also played host to an ancient burial ground for Indians. The individual who constructed the home, General Bradford, has been documented in saying that he had visibly encountered a spiritual Indian girl on the grounds. Many individuals who have frequented the haunted Myrtles Plantation have also shared a similar experience.

Many have experienced the supposed ghost of “Chloe” who was once a slave servant to the owners of the home. The particular master of this woman was the Judge Woodruffe. It is believed that this woman was also a mistress of this judge, against her wishes. It is believed that this woman was eventually dismissed as a mistress, but was still allowed to serve the family, though she always feared losing her job.

cake One birthday, she poisoned the cake in an effort to try to show the family she was worthy by caring for them. Two children died, the judge lived, and she fled. Eventually, she would be killed by other slaves. Many have experienced a haunting that could be the mysterious Chloe. Individuals who have visited the Myrtles plantation have stated that this spirit seems to keep an eye on things, including small children. However, she has been noted in spying in on guests, as if she is looking for “someone”.

At one point in history, a gentleman was robbed and murdered at the plantation. To date, it is believed that this man works diligently to ensure the protection of the property by attempting to scare off guests. In the midst of this man, children, who are believed to be those of the Woodruffes have been seen playing among the lovely landscape, and observing the guests as they lay in their bed. Many times, the children's spirits that are observed seem to be oblivious to the guests. However, other times, the children seem to take a fond interest in those who visit the haunted Myrtles Plantation.

There is a story that a man by the name of William Winter was injured by gunshot in the year of 1871. As he came home, and attempted to make it upstairs to his wife, his wife heard him staggering up the stairs and came to see what the commotion was. She met him at the 17th step, and he literally collapsed and died in her arms. Many guests have stated that they seem to hear a commotion on the stairs that is similar in nature. Nearly always, it sounds as if someone collapses on the 17th step of the stairs and then the noise is gone.

There are a number of tours of the Myrtles Plantation offered to interested guests and ghost hunters. If you are interested in visiting, you may even spend the night if you like! Individuals who have done this have experienced a large number of sightings, caught paranormal activity on cameras and video recorders, and have even heard strange noises such as people walking, children playing, the sound of a baby crying, and a wide number of unusual events! If you want to experience one of the most haunted homes in the United States, the haunted Myrtles Plantation is a wonderful place to do just that!

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