Haunted Mansion:

The Sprague Mansion

This haunted mansion has attracted ghost hunters – both professional and amateur – for years! Nestled comfortably in Rhode Island, this is one of the most haunted places in RI that an individual can experience.

Individuals who have lived and worked in the Sprague Mansion have claimed that there are actual spirits residing in this structure. There have been a number of hauntings at this place. Many have even expressed the fact that they came in direct contact with the spirits that lurk among the shadows of this haunted mansion. Here, you will learn about some of the experiences that have been encountered while visiting the Sprague Mansion.

The First Report of a Haunting

Based on the research and documentation that has been studied regarding this haunted mansion, it has been concluded that the first ever response to a supposed ghost in the house was in the year of 1925. This report stemmed from a woman that actually resided in the home at the time. She claimed that she witnessed a female coming down the stairs in the home. A couple of years later, another individual reported a claim of spiritual activity in the house. This was a claim that they were physically touched, and even saw the hand!

Ghost Experiences Shared

Many people have collaborated and shared their ghostly encounters at the Sprague Mansion. Listed below are examples of some of the activities that are paranormal based that have been experienced:

1. Many have claimed to have seen a female in this mansion that is spiritual based. She is often observed in a very attractive dress, standing by the mirror that resides in the area of the ballroom. This spirit has been noted in being lost in thought, or distant. Very rarely has this ghostly female ever acknowledged that others were in the room.

2. There is one particular visitor that claims that he has actually been touched by an unseen person. Basically, it is described as something that grabbed his shoulder. While the spirit did not seem to be a negative force, the grab was mostly like a friend grabs the shoulder of a friend – not too strong, not too heavy.

3. Then, there are those experiences that are related to the ghosts that actually reside in the home. Sounds like walking when no one is there, and malfunctions in electricity have been found to be related to the ghost activities that occur within the Sprague Mansion.

4. Numerous individuals have claimed that while they were asleep in the beds at the mansion, the covers and other bedding has been removed. This often occurs quickly as if someone pulled the bedding down.

5. there was a séance which included a Ouija board. When guests played, the board spelled out the words “my” and “land” for “my land” – this was very consistent throughout the entire duration of having the Ouija board play a part in the séance.

As you can see, there are a number of hauntings experienced at this mansion. If you would like to research this haunted mansion for yourself, it is located at:

Sprague Mansion
1351 Cranston St
Cranston, Rhode Island 02920


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