Haunted Huntsville: Alabama’s Popular Ghost Town

Huntsville Alabama is one of the most popular ghost towns in all of the state.

Haunted Huntsville is often referred to as “Rocket City” due to the fact that it is considered to be a technologically advanced city. In the earliest days of Alabama history, this city is said to be the first to incorporate the English language. While there are approximately 200,000 residents in this spectacular city, it is said that there are quite a few spirits that reside in the area as well.. Haunted Huntsville is considered to be one of Alabama’s popular ghost towns. Here, you will learn a little about the paranormal activity that occurs within this area.

Huntsville’s Haunted Places to Go

If you are interested in history, unexplained phenomenon, or paranormal stories and experiences, the city of Huntsville has many haunted places to go. In the following sections, I will highlight the most popular hauntings of this Alabama ghost town:

“Dead Children’s Playground”

In the year of 1822, a popular cemetery was opened. Sitting among well over one hundred beautiful acres of land, the Maple Hill Cemetery has been said to be the absolute oldest in the entire State of Alabama. It is also considered to be the absolute largest. On the grounds of this popular cemetery, down some paths that display the beauty of the trees and plants of Alabama, there is a small section that was developed into a playground. Many individuals claim that in the decade of the 60’s, there were several abductions of children occurring in and around the area of Huntsville. It is rumored that several of these children were found murdered and placed in the playground area.

While there has been no confirmation as to whether or not this is factual, the locals stand by the stories. Many who have visited the graveyard and the playground area in the evening hours and at night have reported many quite unusual events. Some have stated that they have seen the actual apparitions of apparently spiritual children. There are some to claim that they have heard the whispers and laughter of children when visiting. Then, there are many who have witnessed swings moving by themselves, and have captured ghost pictures of what appear to be faint apparitions in mist, as well as orbs.

Green Mountain A.K.A “Hell’s Gate”

If you want to find a haunted place to go that will truly frighten you, then what is referred to as “Hell’s Gate” at the base of Green Mountain in Huntsville, Alabama is the perfect destination. On Green Mountain, there is an immense mansion constructed that has drawn the curiosity of locals for several years. At the base of the mountain, probably about three quarters of a mile to a mile out, there is a heavy gate, which is black in color that works to protect the mysterious mansion from visitors. It is said that if one drives to the gate and turns to get out easily, a phantom vehicle will appear that is rather sinister in order to “scare” the visitor off. While this would not at all seem unusual in standard circumstances, this vehicle disappears without a trace!

If you are able to get behind the area in which Hell’s Gates stand, you are likely to become extremely frightened. This is what is referred to as “Owens Cross Roads”. You are likely to hear mysteriously spooky chants, screams for which there is no source, hear running and walking all around you, and other unexplained phenomenon.

“Crybaby Hollow”

Crybaby Hollow in a location that sits in the midst of a heavily wooded area in Huntsville, Alabama. In order to get to the location, you must drive through a road that carves a path out between the spooky trees that seem to surround and engulf you all at once. There are no homes near the hollow at all. Prior to getting to the location, you must cross over a bridge that is relatively old and constructed of wood that seems flimsy in nature. If you park, you are likely to hear wails that reflect that of a baby crying. The crying seems to echo and surround you. Many individuals have stated that they hear what sounds to be like breathing from which no source can be located. If you are looking to experience the ghost town of haunted Huntsville, Alabama, this is one location that should not be overlooked.


Haunted Huntsville is extremely popular when it comes to being an Alabama ghost town. There are several locations that are known for having spiritual energy. If you are ever passing through the city, or plan on taking a trip to Huntsville, you should consider stopping at “Dead Children’s Playground”, “Hell’s Gate”, or “Crybaby Hollow” in order to experience the unexplained phenomenon for yourself. The ghost town of Huntsville Alabama should be on the top of your list for spectacular haunted places to go! Check for directions, hotels, room rates, view photos, and read the reviews and traveler tips for the city of Huntsville,Alabama!

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