A Haunted Graveyard in Baltimore, Maryland

The Old Western Burial Ground

The Old Western Burial Ground is a haunted graveyard in the area of Baltimore, Maryland.

This is also known as the “Presbyterian Churchyard”. There are a number of notable figures buried in this particular cemetery. Famous names include that of Edgar Allan Poe, the direct descendant of Francis Scott Key, and several popular generals that served in well known wars, such as that of the year of 1812. There have been many paranormal experiences that have occurred here. In this article, you will be introduced to some of the strange happenings at this haunted cemetery.

Nestled just below Westminster Hall, which is also believed to be haunted, this spooky cemetery has often been referred to as one of the most haunted places in America. There are stories surrounding the fact that many individuals were buried in the cemetery that were not dead, and once they did pass to the spiritual side, their spirit began to wander the grounds seeking out the person and/or group of people that buried them alive in order to seek out revenge. There are quite a few unsettled spirits at this haunted graveyard who seem to be searching for something that they just cannot find, and they often frighten the individuals that stumble upon them in their search.

Naturally, it is believed that the spirit of the ever-popular author, Edgar Allan Poe lingers among the graves nestled in the Old Western Burial Ground. Poe died unexpectedly as he traveled through this area that he called “home” a good majority of his life. His death could not be explained. However, he was on his way to visit his true love and her mother. He was to return to the area in order to wed, but never left the area. It is believed that his apparition has been seen around where his body is buried, as well as in other areas near the area, such as the church. He seems to either mourn for the fact that he was unable to marry, or there are some instances in which he is believed to be waiting at the altar for his true love in order to commence in the wedding ceremony.

The ever-popular “Skull of Cambridge” is buried in this haunted graveyard as well. This is said to be the head of a minister that was murdered. It is believed that they took the skull and placed it in a segment of cement in order to block out the sounds of screams that seemed to emerge from it. It is said that it screams at all times of the day and it seems to linger in the minds that hear it on a consistent basis. Many individuals have been severely frightened by this particular haunting, and it is said that several people even experienced insanity and were placed in psychiatric wards after being exposed to it for a prolonged time.

If you want to experience a haunted graveyard with real ghosts, and heightened levels of paranormal activity, The Old Western Burial Ground is sure to be a location you will enjoy!

519 W. Fayette St.
Baltimore, Maryland

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