Haunted Ghost Tours in Savannah
      The Ghost City Pub Crawl

“Savannah is truly unique. It has the party atmosphere of New Orleans, the historic value of Boston, and the charm of the Old South.” -- J. Bennett, New York, NY

While there are several unique and intriguing haunted ghost tours in Savannah, The Ghost City Pub Crawl is considered to be, by many, to be the most popular, innovative, and entertaining. As made evident by the stories surrounding the most haunted places in Georgia, the undead abound heavily within the City of Savannah. The spirits of this beautiful city reside within the centuries-old stories and legends of the Native Americans, the people that once suffered as slaves, and the restless souls that succumbed to death through war-sustained injuries or devastating illnesses. The ghosts that reside within the confines of this southern city roam the halls of vast mansions, play on the grounds of grand plantations, float through the floors of the local inns and hotels, and linger through the bars and pubs. Whether you are going for a walk to take in the scenery, riding on a trolley with only the moonlight to guide you, or traveling by hearse, you are sure to experience the spine-chilling sensations of the restless spirits that wander – seemingly without purpose or aim – within the City of Savannah.


When searching for a ghost town tour that captures the rich history, the mystery, and the scenic appeal of Savannah, you sure to find The Ghost City Pub Crawl that starts on the historic Bay Street especially intriguing. This haunted pub and bar tour steps outside the confines of traditional ghost tours in that it combines the unique mystery and history of the city with the ghostly legends and signs of paranormal activity that are known to occur in and around the city’s local bars and pubs. While on this walking ghost town tour of Savannah, you will learn numerous stories that date back hundreds of years. These stories will educate you on the most haunted places in Georgia, the spirits that abound within Savannah, the pirate legends of the city, and many other facts that will intrigue your mind, open up your imagination, and heighten your senses.


When searching for haunted ghost tours in Savannah that cover the pubs and bars of the city, you have the unique ability to toss back a few of your favorite drinks while enjoying the frightening tales of ghosts, poltergeists, ghouls, and other types of spooky happenings that occur within the structures. While walking along the cobblestone streets and visiting the historical squares, the trees, draping with Spanish moss set the tone for the visitors and the spirits that are known to wander within the city that is known to be notoriously haunted. The Ghost City Pub Crawl is not only one of the most popular ghost tours in Savannah, it is one of the most respected tours within the entire State. If you have an interest in learning about the most haunted places in Georgia while enjoying a fun-filled night, The Ghost City Pub Crawl is for you!


Savannah has been known as one of the most haunted places in Georgia all throughout history. There are many dark secrets that rest beyond the surface of this beautiful, Southern town. These secrets initiated when the ground was first broke for the city. Few people realize that Savannah was constructed on top of a burial ground where many Native Americans were laid to rest. Throughout the history of the city, waves of violent events and exceptionally tragic deaths have occurred. All of these devastating events were from various complications within Savannah’s history such as slavery, bloody and violent skirmishes, deadly epidemics, and powerful hurricanes. When combining the deaths from all of these events, you can certainly understand how active populations of apparitions, demonic forces, ghosts, poltergeists, and spirits have been left behind. By taking this haunted pub and bar tour, you will hear and experience many of the spirits of Savannah – both the dead ones and the exceptionally flavorful ones.


Tondee’s Tavern – The Spooky Starting Point to The Ghost City Pub Crawl


Tondee’s Tavern, located at 7 Bay Street in the richly historic downtown section of Savannah, is the spooky starting point to The Ghost City Pub Crawl. This restaurant and bar is locally-owned and is located inside of a former bank building from the 1850s. The name of the tavern stems from one of the earliest and highly successful tavern that was located in Savannah. That historical tavern was located at the corner of Whitaker Street and Broughton Street during the years of 1770 to 1785. The ground floor of the historic building was originally utilized by the Central Railway and Banking Company. On the upper floor of the building, the most popular slave broker, Joseph Bryan, had his offices in the 1850s. Immediately outside of the building, to the rear, a massive slave pen was set up. Many claim that a number of slaves were held in the basement of Tondee’s Tavern. To date, this rumor has not been verified; however, there are several videos and EVPs that indicate that something unworldly lingers beneath the floor of the tavern. During the Civil War, the General John Geary, used this specific location where he commanded the city immediately after its surrender.


The Olde Pink House Restaurant


Many of the haunted ghost tours in Savannah include a stop at The Olde Pink House Restaurant, located on Reynolds Square at 23 Abercorn Street. While on The Ghost City Pub Crawl, you will visit this stunning structure and be introduced to the stories of the mischievous spirits that are believed to reside in and around the building. The awe-inspiring building was originally constructed as a home for the Habersham family. While on The Ghost City Pub Crawl, you will be introduced to this family and learn of many stories surrounding the individuals. Perhaps, the most popular of all of the ghostly tales of this structure, is the story of James Habersham. Many employees have observed the spirit of this man lingering on the grounds of the facility. Guests have reported speaking to an individual dressed in clothing reflective of the 1700s, believing it was an actor. However, these people claim that if they took their eyes off of the man for a moment, he seemingly disappeared. You will hear stories of the mischievous spirits that enjoy playing little pranks on restaurant and bar guests, as well as the tale of the spirit that met their demise at their own hands in the basement of the structure. You may even be given access to the spooky and spirit-filled basement while on The Ghost City Pub Crawl.


The 17Hundred90 Inn


The 17Hundred90 Inn is a popular location for haunted ghost tours within the City of Savannah. According to many that have visited the structure, it is one of the most haunted places in Georgia. Nearly all of the ghost tours in Savannah include this location in their travels. This is a very historic building that is comprised of three different buildings – all constructed between the years of 1821-1888. Today, these buildings serve as a restaurant, a bar, and offers lodging to guests. It is located at the intersection of President Street and Lincoln Street. If you have an interest in encountering a real spirit or capturing signs of paranormal activity in the historic City of Savannah, the likelihood of doing so is quite high when visiting the 17Hundred90 Inn.


One of the most famous ghosts that reside within this structure is called “Anne”. She is commonly observed in room 204. Many guests have found their belongings moved and rearranged, have felt an unseen force, and have heard the apparent mournful crying of a woman. The next haunted story pertains to the voodoo cook. This ghost is most commonly seen and felt in and around the kitchen area. It is believed that the ghost is a slave woman who once practiced voodoo. It is not at all uncommon to hear loud bangs emitted from the metal within the kitchen, to find things missing, and to hear frightening whispers and ethereal voices. The voodoo cook that seems to control the happenings of the kitchen area is considered to be among the most frightening spirit that you may encounter while on The Ghost City Pub Crawl.




If you are searching for haunted ghost tours in and/or around the historical City of Savannah, you are sure to enjoy The Ghost City Pub Crawl. On this tour, you will hear spinning and frightening tales of highly intriguing haunts, ghastly ghosts, and spectacular spirits. You will embark on an once-in-a-lifetime ghostly adventure that you will not soon forget. As you journey through the streets of Savannah, you will be welcomed into the most haunted bars and pubs. While visiting, you will learn that there are more than just spirits in bottles. There are very real spirits that are consistently striving for the attention of the living. You may observe a stream of light shoot past you as you sit at the bar, you may feel a tap on your shoulder to find that no one is there, or you may be encountered by one of the many apparitions that are bound between the land of the living and the depths of the dead. You will enjoy learning about the strange history of the city on this haunted pub and bar tour. If you are searching for ghost tours in Savannah that combines the elements of the city’s most time-honored and popular traditions, alcohol and ghostly tales, you are sure to love The Ghost City Pub Crawl.

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