Haunted Cemeteries in New York

The Mount Hope Cemetery

There are a number of haunted cemeteries in New York. Here, you will be introduced to the Mount Hope Cemetery in Rochester. This particular cemetery came into existence in the year of 1838. It was created due to the fact that there was a massive outbreak of the deadly disease, cholera. As the death tolls exceeded one hundred, the community saw a need for a cemetery large enough to house the bodies of the deceased. One hundred and ninety seven acres were purchased, and the Mount Hope Cemetery was established. It is known for being the very first cemetery that is considered to be “municipal Victorian” in the United States. Here, you will learn about Mount Hope, which is considered to be one of the most haunted cemeteries in New York today.

The Hauntings in Mount Hope

Prior to being built on the massive amount of land that it sits on, the Native Americans had revealed that the grounds were haunted in an intense way. These Indians had witnessed many different types of unexplained phenomenon and had witnessed a lot of paranormal activity. It was not unusual to hear accounts of lights appearing during the day, or lights popping up at night, and then traveling to nearby landforms. In addition to this, horrific sounds of wails, and cries could be heard within a certain distance of the land. Even before the cemetery was constructed, the land seemed to already be haunted.

Many of the hauntings seem to be related to unusual occult activity that has been said to be performed on the grounds. There is a particular section of land that is often referred to as the “Devil’s Bowl”. This is believed to be the area where satanic and unruly rituals have been performed. It is believed that the individuals who performed these rituals conjured up evil spirits, poltergeists, and potentially even demons that still roam the yards of the where the dead are placed to rest in the afterlife. Unfortunately, it seems as if rest is the furthest from their minds.


While these are just a few of the haunting tales that surround this spectacular cemetery, they are among the ones that are revealed the most when it comes to talking with the locals. If you are interested in visiting this haunted cemetery, you are quite likely to discover a lot of paranormal activity and unexplained phenomenon for yourself. Many have come out with pictures of real ghosts, strange EVP’s, and a number of other points of evidence that account to the fact that this is, truly, one of the most haunted cemeteries in New York today!

791 Mount Hope Ave
Rochester, NY 14620

Here is a video about the hauntings of Mount Hope Cemetery.

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