Haunted Castle:

The Spectacular History and Hauntings of Thornewood Castle

There is a spectacular history and several hauntings of the Thornewood Castle in Lakewood, Washington.

We all look for meaning in life. Life is a curious and mysterious thing. However, many individuals feel that there is no soundproof way of finding meaning and purpose in life without obtaining the answers from the dead. When you think about it, this is a very real and revealing method of unlocking the mysterious of life. If you have the key to unlocking the doors of mystery, you can visit the Thornewood Castle and unlock a door that is filled with immense opportunity to encounter the dead!

The individuals who work, visit, and researched this haunted hotel have noted that it seems as if the “hauntings” experienced in the castle and around the castle simply represents a brief veil between our physical world, and the world that the spirits reside in. It has been found that most of the apparent spirits that reside here are trying to communicate with the living when given the opportunity, and attempt to try to help the individuals that have work to do in and around the haunted castle. Many have claimed to encounter various types of spirits, ghosts, and even angelic presences!

While many individuals who visit the Thornewood Castle expect to be “spooked” or frightened by touring the facility to look around, or to search for paranormal activity, this just does not happen. There is absolutely no energy that seems to be negative in the building. As a matter of fact, most of the individuals who frequent this haunted castle claim that they feel calm, and happy. They contribute this to the fact that they believe most of the entities are actually heavenly sent, or are on a purpose to benefit the living in some form or fashion. Most guests have appeared astonished when they experience their first encounter with the spirits at this beautiful haunted hotel, but once the shock passes, peace and calmness is experienced.

There are many employees, guests, and researchers that believe that this particular hotel serves as a direct link between the individuals that are alive and the individuals that are considered to be deceased. Many have been comforted by friends and family members that have passed on through the means of a spiritual encounter. Many have believed that they were in contact with an angel in the hotel. Still, there are those that have encountered basic types of ghosts that simply acknowledge the living, but serve no threat.

Individuals who have toured and stayed at this beautiful haunted castle have claimed that it is quite a unique experience. This is basically due to the fact that there are no “normal” or “spooky” haunts that work to terrify anyone. The spirits seem to go about their business and you should go about your business. While it is nice to research them and experience them, it is important to respect the spiritual beings that reside at Thornewood Castle. This will also prove to allow you to respect the spectacular history and hauntings of the haunted Thornewood Castle. Check for the lowest price, get directions, view photos, and read the reviews and traveler tips for the Thornewood Castle.

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