Haunted Castle

The Mysteries of the Preston Castle in Ione, California

Haunted Castle

There are many mysteries that surround this haunted castle. The Preston Castle in Ione, California Originated in the year of 1890 as the “Preston School of Industry”, this structure was constructed in an attempt to provide a rehabilitative haven for juveniles who broke the laws of the time.

Many believed that imprisoning these children in standard holding cells did not lead to beneficial rehabilitation for the juveniles to enter society once they paid their debt to that society. In the middle of 1894, the first offenders were accepted into the school.

The school that was hosted at the mysterious Preston Castle was actually a type of “reform” school if you will. The school operated until the year of 1960. Once the school was abandoned by the previous owners, administrators, employees, and juveniles who once worked and lived in it, it began a quick process of deterioration. As time progressed, a society dedicated to renovating and restoring the Preston Castle purchased this outstanding structure. This society is called “Preston Castle Foundation”. Listed below are some of the many paranormal experiences and rumors of hauntings that have occurred here at this castle:

1. Noted as the very first youth correctional center, this particular haunted castle has been known to have at least three ghosts, or “haunts” by individuals who frequent the structure on a regular basis.

2. It has been said that sometime in the 1950’s in the facility, a female employee of the facility was repeatedly kicked over and over again by an inmate who was ordered to the correctional facility. The damage was so immense from the kicks that she passed away. It is believe that this female spirit still resides in the castle.

3. During the time in which this haunted castle was under operation, the juveniles in attendance had to live here. An interesting fact is that the staff of the facility also had living quarters. The living areas are believed to have a number of “residual” haunts. This type of haunt is said to be like a visual recording of things that occurred in the past as a result of high energy levels that were experienced at the time.

4. There is a special cemetery for individuals who died at the Preston Castle, particularly for inmates. It is on record that approximately twenty three graves are located at the cemetery near this haunted castle. Many have claimed that the spirits are restless as they still feel detached from society, even in death. Experiences such as cold spots, feelings of intense fear and depressing emotions have been experiences by guests.

5. Strange noises have been heard in all areas of the Preston Castle. Many noises have been accounted for, while numerous other noises seem to have no origin or other type of explanation.


If you are interested in getting up close and personal with the castle, as well as the spirits themselves, you can do just that! There is a Preston Castle over night stay that you can get involved in so that you may research the area. If you are interested in this, you may contact the tours by the following:


Preston Way
Ione, CA 95640

Leave a message at: 408-207-3612



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