Haunted Bed and Breakfast

The Jailers Inn

The Jailers Inn

There is said to be a haunted bed and breakfast in Bardstown, Kentucky. This establishment is called “Jailer’s Inn”. This particular piece of property has served as the location for the jail that served the community since the tender year of 1797. In the year of 1819, the building that now stands on the property was constructed. Later found to be too small for the purpose that it was suppose to serve, the establishment was expanded in the year of 1874. The structure served as a jail until the year of 1987. It was at this time it was transformed into the Jailer’s Inn, a bed and breakfast. When the Travel Channel explored this particular property and structure, they determined that it definitely fit the criterion for the list of the “Ten Most Haunted Places in the United States”. Here, you will learn why….

For over two hundred years, the building that is now known as the Jailer’s Inn Bed and Breakfast housed some of the most notorious criminals. These individuals committed several different types of crimes, but the most common criminal in the population of the establishment at any given time was the criminal that committed violent crimes. Strange and unusual events have occurred all throughout history in and around the structure where prisoners served, prisoners fought for survival, prisoners died, and prisoners were murdered. Today, it is said that this particular haunted bed and breakfast contains a large number of spirits that seem to haunt virtually every corner of the property.

One of the most popular hauntings that is said to occur at this haunted bed and breakfast consists of a female apparition that is believed to be one of the original jailers of the jail. Her name was Ms. Mckay. Her husband originally started as the jailer of the facility, but he eventually passed away. When this occurred, she ran for the position. Seeing that the members of the community knew her so well, and respected her professional abilities to run the jail, she won the position with ease. In today’s Jailer’s Inn, there are several accounts by employees and visitors alike that state that they have seen this woman. While she is considered to be a friendly natured spirit, many have been frightened to awake to this spirit staring upon them while they sleep.

The next area of this haunted bed and breakfast is that which is referred to as the “courtyard”. Here, many men have lost their lives at the jail due to the fact that they were hung from a noose for their crimes. There is an account that a guest told that consisted of him having a conversation with what appeared to be a regular man. They actually had a decent conversation, but then the living individual turned his head ever so slightly for just a short amount of time and turned back to continue the conversation to discover that the individual that he had been speaking to had actually disappeared! Many have felt odd sensations – as if they are walking with someone or being watched in the courtyard area of Jailer’s Inn.

There are many different stories surrounding this haunted bed and breakfast. However, in today’s world, the owner and other employees have come to accept the spirits. In turn, it seems as if the spirits have also accepted them. Visitors today can still experience unexplained phenomenon and strange events that seem to be paranormal based. If you are seeking out interesting, haunted places to go and will be in Bardsville, Kentucky, then you should definitely consider visiting the haunted bed and breakfast referred to as Jailer’s Inn. Be sure to bring along all your ghost hunting equipment so that you can catch a glimpse of the hauntings here! Get directions, view photos and read the visitor reviews and traveler tips for the The Jailer's Inn.


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