A Haunted Bed and Breakfast in Bolivar, Tennessee

Magnolia Manor: A Haunted Bed and Breakfast in Bolivar Tennessee. In the year of 1849, a Judge by the name of Austin Miller had the establishment constructed. Constructed in the classical Georgian Colonial style, this structure has been rumored to be haunted for many years in which it has stood. Several slaves worked together to construct this majestic structure in which many generations of the Miller family lived. In addition to this, this home was used by the Union Army in the time of the Civil War. Today, and since the year of 1995, the beautiful home has been used as a Bed and Breakfast Inn. Here, you will learn why Magnolia Manor is considered to be the most haunted bed and breakfast in Bolivar, Tennessee.

The Haunted History

There is an extensive haunted history associated with the Magnolia Manor Bed and Breakfast Inn. It is believed that most of the hauntings are associated with the Miller family because of the fact that the structure housed at least three different generations of the family. However, there have also been hauntings that appear to be related to the Civil War. The following represents some haunting experiences that one may encounter while visiting this bed and breakfast:

• There has been an apparition of a female who is relatively short, and seems to be a bit on the heavy side. This woman appears to be wearing an apron over an old fashioned type dress, and she is elderly. It is believed that the female ghost may be one of the members of the Miller family, or she may have some sort of connection with the individual who lives at the establishment. This woman’s name is Elaine Cox. However, another conclusion is that it may be the ghost of Annie Miller who passed away peacefully in the manor at the age of 84.

There is a ghost of another female who wears a Victorian style dress that is quite beautiful. This ghost has been rumored to pull back the covers of the bedding of guests. Once the guests see this apparition, it often disappears suddenly.

Many have claimed that there is a female resident ghost who enjoys sitting and rocking in a rocking chair in the establishment. In addition to this, this woman seems to carry a candle for lighting in the home. It is believed that this ghost may actually have been from the earliest times of the home, when candles were a main source of lighting.

There is a story of a white cat, appropriately named “Whitey” who roams the home. This particular cat is a spirit and belonged to Annie Miller in life. It is believed that he is attached to the woman who still haunts the home.

Many individuals have stated that there is an apparition of a soldier who roams the land that is surrounding this haunted bed and breakfast.

• Employees and guests in the bed and breakfast have reported that it feels as if they are being touched when no one is present. Noises, such as voices and laughter, can often be heard throughout the establishment, and cool breezes with no explanation have also been experienced.

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