The Haunted Belcourt Castle

The haunted Belcourt Castle in Newport, Rhode Island is a beautifully designed castle that stands in the shadows of lovely trees, lush gardens, and landscape enhancements. Richard Hunt, an architect that was considered one of the founding fathers of his industry, created the outline and design of this structure and it was constructed from the ground up in the year 1891 to 1894. Originally designed as a summer retreat, many individuals from all around the world have paid a visit to the castle of Belcourt. Here, you will learn some exciting facts about the history of this castle, as well as some of the hauntings experienced here.


A man by the name of Oliver Belmont was the official first owner of this fine structure. This individual had many interesting hobbies and likes. For example, he enjoyed collecting manuscripts that were written in medieval times. He also enjoyed collecting special pieces of armor. He had worked in congress and actually inherited a large sum of money. In 1896, Oliver Belmont married a lady by the name of Alva. In 1908, the famed Oliver Belmont passed away, leaving Alva, his beloved wife, his estate. Alva pursued a mission all of her own once this occurred in an effort to relieve the grief that she felt at the loss of her dear husband.

Alva Belmont was known for making healthy contributions to local hospitals and medical facilities. She supported the arts and created some organizations that would change the world forever. She played a large role in the suffrage movement for women. It is because of Alva Belmont that women were given equal rights with men when it came to business affairs, as well as government affairs. She made this movement occur in England, as well as the United States.

She invested in real estate around the world, specializing in castles. When she was age 80, she passed on to the spiritual world due to the fact that she had tremendous injuries that occurred when her carriage got into an accident. The mansion was passed down, and eventually landed in the hands of the Tinney family. Today, this family works to preserve this hotel.

The following represents stories and events that reflect the haunted history of the Belcourt Hotel:

1. It has been said that the wide collection of armor at the establishment that was originally collected and owned by the ever-popular Oliver Belmont seems to be possessed as they have been seen moving, or have been found moved from one location to another within the castle – with no reasonable explanation on who or what did it.

2. There is a mirror within the castle that is reported to be haunted. When guests peer into this reflecting glass, there is no reflection looking back on you – instead, it is unusual type of movements and appearances.

3. Various types of spirits have been visually discovered throughout several rooms in the home.

As you can see, the Belcourt Hotel is one of the most beautiful, yet haunted hotels in the United States today. To learn more, visit:

Here is an aerial video of Belcourt Castle

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