The Haunted History of the Hammond Castle

The haunted history of the Hammond Castle has drawn the interest of several individuals both locally and abroad. Starting in the year of 1926 and all the way through until the year of 1929, Hammond Castle was constructed by a man by the name of John Hays Hammond, Jr. in the ever-popular architectural style of medieval. Hammond had a keen interest in collecting rare and elaborate artifacts that were medieval based. However, he also enjoyed collecting artifacts that were Roman based and also from the Renaissance period. You will learn many interesting facts and relevant information regarding the haunted history of the Hammond Castle here.

On April 13th 1888, John Hays Hammond, Jr. was born to an engineer in the area of mining by the name of John Hays Hammond, Sr. in the city of San Francisco, California. The family moved around to several different places. However, it was in England where a young Hammond, Jr. discovered a fascination with castles. This move occurred when he was twelve years old. Eventually, the family would move back to the United States. This is when young Hammond would meet Thomas Edison for the first time in New Jersey.

Edison was completely impressed with the young boy due to the fact that he was so inquisitive. He decided to become the boys mentor. He continued to thoroughly enjoy castles and all things that were unique as far as artifacts and other types of items, but he developed a fondness for science and inventions. As he grew, he learned to value education. He went into college and then developed an interest in studying how radio waves worked. This is when the young Hammond boy, now a man, received a new mentor. This mentor was Alexander Graham Bell.

His first job once college ended was in the year of 1910. This was at the U.S Patent Office. He intentionally gained this position so that he could become an expert in the field of patents. He sought to learn as much as he possibly could. Eventually, he came to own the “Hammond Radio Research Laboratory”. This was created on an estate in the city of Gloucester in the state of Massachusetts that his father owned. Throughout his lifetime he invented hundreds and hundreds of unique things, and patented them all.

John HammondStarting in the year of 1926, Hammond began construction on the infamous castle. This construction took place in Gloucester. He constructed the castle in a unique style. It was built in sections on Cape Ann. Each of the unique sections was designed to highlight various distinguished periods of architecture that were popular in Europe. These included Romanesque, Medieval, Renaissance French, and Gothic. In addition to this, he integrated many unique features that many refer to as “bizarre”. Examples include passageways that were secret, and even rooms that rained through special devices.

In the year of 1965, Hammond passed away. The individuals that buried him were sure to do so on the property of Hammond Castle. He was actually buried in the same location as his beloved cat. He specified that, in death, he wanted the grounds that he would be buried in to be covered with poison ivy. He did not want to be bothered once he was put to rest. It is believed that the poison ivy was not enough to hold the spirit of Hammond in as many have claimed to have seen his spirit in various locations around the premises.

In addition to the spirit of Hammonds, there are several other spirits that seem to linger around the area. One story tells of a groundskeeper that apparently died during the commission of his work at the castle. It is believed that the spirit of the man still roams around on the property as if he is still trying to care for the plants and all other items that is a part of the landscaping. In addition to this, it is believed that the deceased wife of the popular Hammonds still moves restlessly among the castle.

Then, several individuals have claimed that there seem to be spirits moving about in and around the facility that are not recognized. Several unexplained phenomenon such as apparent ghost pictures, ghost videos, and occurrences seem to indicate that there is a high level of paranormal activity that seems to occur at this grand castle. If you are interested in the paranormal, there are self-guided tours that can be taken at the haunted Hammond Castle.

Hammond Castle Museum
80 Hesperus Ave.
Gloucester, MA
Tel: 978-283-2080

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