Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery

Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery is considered to be the most haunted place in Midlothian, Illinois. Many individuals have had frightening experiences, while others have had enlightening experiences in this haunted cemetery. Nestled in a small corner of the forest of luscious trees and whispering winds, sits this small and enticing cemetery. There are hundreds of accounts regarding unexplained phenomenon and paranormal activity documented by various individuals throughout history. Here, you will be introduced to the most haunted cemetery, and general location in Midlothian, Illinois – the Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery.

Developed around the early 1800’s, there have been many ghostly tales and legends mentioned regarding this cemetery. Named after a family that shared its life with the community around the time that the cemetery was constructed, these grounds have delighted and frightened all throughout the history of its origination. In the early days, this cemetery was used as both a burial ground and a park. Families would picnic and swim in the pond located here. This type of activity continued until about the 1960’s. It was then that the nearly forgotten burial ground was considered to be actively haunted. This started after visitors to the area started to take note of signs that occult practices were taking place on the land where the dead rested.

The pond that stands on a corner of the cemetery has been said to be haunted in a number of ways. Many have observed the ghostly shadow of a full grown horse actually emerge from the waters! To make things more interesting, a man on what appeared to be a plow was being pulled by the animal! One of the many legends has it that the man and the horse actually both drowned in the pond as they become tangled in reins and pulled down to the bottom by way of the heavy plow. There have also been accounts of what appears to be residual hauntings of people socializing, swimming, and playing in the area, as well as old time vehicles driving on the overgrown roads to and from the Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery.

Visiting the Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery will be quite an experience for the ghost hunter. You will begin your travel to the grounds by walking down a long, overgrown road that is said to be quite haunted in itself. Once you walk about a half mile, into the deep forest, you can come in full visibility of the haunted cemetery. While you walk along the trail, you are quite likely to discover strange, ghostly lights that appear and disappear, as well as an old farmhouse that appears to be ghostly in nature. If you are looking for a haunted cemetery, the Bachelor’s Grove is likely to be the one experience that you want to have!

143rd St and Midlothian Tpke
Midlothian, IL

Check out this video of the cemetery.

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