The Haunted Goodleburg Cemetery

Located on a relatively quiet road in the area of Wales in the State of New York, you will discover a small cemetery that is known to carry many stories of hauntings, ghosts, spirits, and firsthand experiences that cannot be explained.

Upon researching this small, common looking graveyard, I discovered that there is more "than meets the eye" when it comes to stories, and legends surrounding the plots that mark the resting place for the deceased on the land. In this travel guide on haunted places to go within the State of New York, you will learn about the stories surrounding the Goodleburg Cemetery.

The "Hell" Hounds

One of the most interesting stories surrounding the Goodleburg Cemetery is directly related to the eye witness accounts of the "Hell" hounds or "Barghests". British Folklore claims that when dogs that are black in color are seen, it could mean "death" or the animal could be acting as a type of a servant to the devil himself. Many in the area have witnessed black dogs in and around the cemetery. In some instances, a dog may be traveling alone. In other instances, the black dogs may be traveling in large groups. It is said that the eyes of the dogs glow in a red and even a green color. These dogs are typically seen in the evening and night hours by those who claim that they gather around the cemetery. Those that claim that they have heard the howl of the dogs claim that the sound is terrifying and evil.

The Curse

In addition to the evil looking black dogs that are said to linger in and around the Goodleberg Cemetery, there are stories in circulation that claim that there is a curse on the graveyard. It is said that if anything is removed from the area or vandalized in any way, which the person responsible will suffer from extreme levels of misfortune. In some interpretations, it is said that the person will experience physical harm and even death. It has been said that those who have removed items from the graveyard will often return them due to the misfortune experienced while in possession of them. It is important to know and understand that the owners of the graveyard want all visitors to know that it is considered to be breaking the law to remove anything from the area and offenders will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

The Doctor

When it comes to Goodleberg Cemetery, one of the most popular ghost stories surrounds a doctor that is said to have resided right next to the graveyard. It is said that this doctor specialized in performing abortions that were illegal and unsafe. Many women actually died while getting an abortion done by this particular doctor. The doctor's name was Albert Speaker. It is said that when he disposed of the unborn babies and the women that passed away while under his care, he used this particular cemetery to do so. This is believed to have had occurred in the late 1800s and early 1900s. It is also said that bodies were disposed of through the means of the pond located near the graveyard. Once bodies were being revealed, it is said that the doctor hung himself in the graveyard. Many claim that the spirits of the mother's wander throughout the graveyard and the woods nearby and that the many, many babies are seen and heard throughout the area. It is also believed that the actual spirit of the doctor manifests itself on occasion. Upon researching this information for validation, it is difficult to establish the existence of the doctor, or illegal abortions occurring in the area.

Other Unexplained Events

There are several other unexplained events that are said to occur at Goodleburg Cemetery that seem to hold a paranormal interest. Many have witnessed unusual lights for which no explanation can be found. This occurs both in person and has been caught on film. Strange sounds are also often heard throughout the cemetery. These sounds may include that of cries emitted by children, mourning from what sounds like adults, and even faint conversations. If you are interested in visiting this haunted place to go in New York, it is important to understand that there are some "rules" that you will need to abide by. First, you must park at a distance that extends half a mile from either direction of the Goodleberg, Cemetery. In addition to this, the graveyard opens at 8am and closes at dusk. There are to be no visitors outside of these hours or prosecution will be pursued.

Goodleburg Cemetery
Goodleberg Road
Wales, New York

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