Real Haunted Ghost Towns in the United States: Bodie, California

Bodie California

Many individuals, young and old, are intrigued by real haunted ghost towns – especially Bodie, California. Each year, many amateur ghost hunters, professional ghost hunters, paranormal experts, and individuals who are simply curious visit the ghost town of Bodie, California. This historic State Park in California apparently remains the home to several spiritual beings, despite the fact that it no longer plays host to physical inhabitants. Here, you will learn a number of exciting stories regarding this dusty town of decay and spiritual unrest.

The History of Bodie, California

The history of Bodie, California is actually quite interesting. In the year of 1859, the ever-popular W.S Bodey visited this area and discovered gold. News spread rapidly, and several individuals flocked to the area to get their chance at some of the buried treasure. Eventually, the town of “Bodey” was formed. However, the individual who created the sign that distinguished this particular town misspelled the name, and it was eventually hailed “Bodie” and still reflects this name today.

What started as a small town of several hundred people eventually grew to approximately 12,000 by the year of 1877. This is mainly because a huge gold discovery was made in the mine of the town, and people were interested in accumulating their own massive riches in the area. In addition to the massive population, the city grew with nearly eight hundred separate buildings! Seeing that this town was founded on pure greed, and the desire to accumulate riches, the crime rate was relatively high. It was not unusual for a fight to break out, or even a murder to take place. While the town had a minister named Rev. Warrington, this man of God concluded: “Bodie is a sea of sin” and he concluded the reason for this was because of the greed, the passion, and the overall lust of the civilians in the city.

The Hauntings of Bodie

This real ghost town has an extensive history of hauntings and paranormal activity that has been known to spook even the most professional of the ghost hunting community. The most popular of these stories include that of the history of a man named Jim Cain. His home is said to be highly paranormal. Mr. Cain hired a servant that was Chinese to care for his home. Eventually, this lady was fired because of the rumors that she was Mr. Cain’s mistress. This disgraced the woman and she was never able to find work. As a result of her devastating experience, she took her own life. It has been said that the spirit of this servant still frequents the home of Mr. Cain.

Experiences include:

• The sound of music and other noises from a particular bedroom

• The face of a woman appearing at a window on the second story

• Individuals feeling as if they are being held down

• Suffocation being experienced

• Doors opening and closing on their own

• Extreme fear with no rational explanation

The ever-popular “Mendocini” home in this real ghost town in California has been noted in people experiencing the following:

• The sounds of children laughing and playing

• Sounds that reflect a full social event

• The smells of foods cooking, particularly Italian in basis

The Curse

It is rumored that Bodie was cursed. It is believed that individual spirits of the community come together as one to protect what is left of the town. If someone attempts to remove any aspect of this spiritually inclined community, they are doomed to misfortune until they return that which they have taken. It is not unusual for the park officials to receive mail which returns even the smallest of items that individuals have taken from the community. Many even include full letters of apologies to both the physical and spiritual beings that reside in this real ghost town.

Take a look at the town in this short video.


If you are looking for some spooky fun and paranormal experiences that will change your life, visiting this area may be a great option for you. For more information, visit:

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Bodie Ghost Town

Take a trip to a real, “live” ghost town in the United States – visit Bodie, California!!!

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