The Ghost Town of Bannock, Montana Exposed!

There are many ghost towns in the United States, and Bannock, Montana is one of these! In the year of 1862, in the later part of July, an individual by the name of John White was part of a group that is referred to during the time as the “Pikes Peakers”. These individuals discovered gold on a creek that is currently part of Bannock. It was discovered that the gold discovered in this particular area was among the most pure in all of the United States. Prospectors popped up from everywhere! As time progressed in this popular town, it was believed that there was more than just gold – there were spirits too! Here, you will be introduced to the haunting tales of the town of Bannock, Montana.

Haunted History of Bannock, Montana

There is a long haunted history of Bannock, Montana. While this town is home to approximately twenty various types of buildings, there are certain buildings that seem to exhibit more ghostly tales than others. Below are some of the haunting tales that surround this little ghost town:

1. Individuals who have visited the Hotel Meade in Bannock, Montana have been said to encounter spiritual activity. In the time in which this hotel was operating consistently, it was used as a courthouse, and then turned into a hotel by John Mead. When this occurred, it was a highly sociable area. This was a grand location for locals and travelers alike. In many cases where medical treatment was needed, the Hotel Meade was used as a temporary medical facility, or hospital. As a result, it is not uncommon to see apparitions and other types of paranormal activity.

2. Dorothy Dunn is an individual that drowned in the creek near the town of Bannock, Montana. Many individuals feel as if her presence is still lingering about in the town. This spirit is mostly observed by children, but has also been seen by adults alike. There are many cases where this spirit is seen walking along the streets, or looking out one of the windows that are in one of the several buildings in this ghost town. Specifically, Hotel Meade.

3. There is a lady that appears to be quite older has been located looking out of windows on the second floor of the Hotel Meade. There is actually no set record as far as the identification of the lady, but she is known as a “regular” when it comes to the ghost town of Bannock, Montana.

4. Many have seen and heard children crying. It is actually unknown as to why this may occur. Many claim that they are like recordings of the past, while others believe that they are quite real. Regardless, this is a very intense situation for those that are subjected to it – whether it is a real haunting or simply a residual recording.

5. Many visitors to this ghost town have claimed that they have experienced areas that were extremely cold for no particular reason at all. This has proven to be quite uncomfortable for the individuals that experience it. Goose bumps, the hair standing on edge and similar physiological responses have occurred as a direct result of the hauntings in Bannock, Montana that result in the development of cold spots.


The ghost town of Bannock, Montana plays host to several different spirits. If you want to experience the hauntings of this town for yourself, consider contacting the operators of the town at:


Here is a short video showing the buildings in Bannock

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