Ghost Stories From West Virginia

Here are some ghost stories from are readers in West Virginia. If you have a story to share with us, be sure to visit the Your Ghost Stories Page. We would love to hear from you!

(From Chris in Wisconsin .)

I've always been a sceptic of the paranormal. In March of 2008, I had an opportunity to participate in an investigation of Moundsville Prision, West Virginia. I was armed with a digital camera and a couple of friends. Our group of about ten people walked freely throughout the prison from 12am-6am on a cold, rainy Saturday morning. After walking around for hours and about ready to gather the gear together, another investigator and I hid inside a cell on the third level, lying in wait to scare some people that were walking our way. We stood back inside the opened cell, with all of our equipment hidden or turned off, for about 2 minutes.

I was about three feet from the back wall of this old cell, hiding my camera's illuminated screen, when something grabbed my right elbow/arm. I can remember feeling something squeeze my arm and hearing the material of my coat compressing. I raised my camera up to shine the screen behind me to see if I could see anything, but there was nothing. Nothing there to accidently rub my arm against, no one standing there playing a joke on me, nothing but the darkness. Being a rookie, I made the mistake of running out of the cell, rather than staying to try to make contact or gather hard evidence. Ever since that incident, my interests have been towards investigating any reports of strange activity.

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