The Haunted Fort Mifflin

Haunted Fort Mifflin

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In the historical city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania there lays a fort that was known as the one that played a large role in saving the United States of America called Fort Mifflin.

This particular structure has not only a long history that goes to as early as the 1700’s, but an intense one. Those who have worked in the building, visited the building, or move about near it claim that it is haunted by spirits who have not accepted the fact that their physical bodies no longer remain a part of the world that we can see, the one we can touch. Their spirits seem to linger in and also around the historical area. In this guide, I will present you with the paranormal stories surrounding the haunted Fort Mifflin.

Fort Mifflin has been called many names throughout its history. In the early days, many referred to it as “Fort Island Battery”. As time progressed, it earned the name of “Mud Island Fort” according to Wikipedia. This structure is located on a piece of land that is known as “Mud Island” along the banks of the popular Delaware River. The history of this particular structure is said to have started around the year of 1771 as a result of the locals in the area stating that the city required some sort of defense for itself from enemies that posed a threat to the homes, businesses, land, and natural resources that were located there. Several individuals played a role in the original development, including John Penn who was a Governor, and John Montresor, who served as a Captain of Engineering, but amazingly, it was Benjamin Franklin who saw the project through to completion.

Benjamin Franklin played a large role in the final developments of the haunted Fort Mifflin immediately after the time in which the Declaration of Independence was brought into effect. By the year of 1776, the individuals constructing the fort reached a point of completion. A year later, the army that was lead by George Washington was defeated by the army that they fought which consisted of British troops. Immediately following this defeat, the troops that made up the British army invaded the Philadelphia area. Many of these troops attempted to take possession of the fort, but were unsuccessful. As the life of the fort progressed forward, many events took place there. It served as a prison for soldiers of both the north and the south, and served as a post for defense, and several other purposes. Finally, sometime during the 1960’s, it was officially closed. At this time, it was restored to reflect the original structure and became an area for visitors to tour and learn more about the history.

From the earliest days, there have been stories of paranormal events, spiritual encounters, and basic hauntings at the fort. The first area of Fort Mifflin that I would like to review is the “Officer’s Quarter’s”. In the historical past of the structure, an officer and his family stayed at the fort. Elizabeth Pratt was the name of the officer’s wife. She and her daughter experienced many conflicts – one was pertaining to a man who the daughter elected to fall in love with. The man was an individual that was enlisted in the military, but for some reason, Elizabeth did not approve of this courting. Eventually, Elizabeth’s daughter came down with typhoid fever, or “yellow fever”. Elizabeth had no time to make amends with her daughter prior to her death. As a result, she hung herself in this area of the haunted Fort Mifflin. Today, there is a spirit that is called the “Screaming Woman” that seems to linger in the room, and it is believed that it is the devastated Elizabeth.

Interestingly, in the area of the Power Magazine, there is a very friendly spirit that enjoys interacting with the visitors of the area. He is dressed in the same apparel that a man who served in the Revolutionary War would wear. Many individuals believe that he is actually an employee as he offers detailed tours of the fort. He actually answers questions, jokes, and loves to socialize. The office that handles visitors’ states that there is no such employee that dresses in this manner or offers the same tours that this spirit offers. However, guests believe that he is quite real.

These are not the only hauntings that occur at the fort, but are among the most popular. If you will be in the area, you should make arrangements to tour the haunted Fort Mifflin. Simply call 685 – 4167, area code 215 in order to make your arrangements and learn more about haunted Fort Mifflin! There are overnight paranormal investigations on weekends and some weeknights, but these book up really fast!

Check out this video on the ghosts of Fort Mifflin.

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