The Equinox Hotel in Manchester, Vermont

Equinox Hotel

"Whatever else, indeed, a "ghost" may be, it is probably one of the most complex phenomena in nature. "
F.W.H. Myers (Quoted in A. Mackenzie - Hauntings and Apparitions, 1982)
The Equinox Hotel in Manchester, Vermont is considered to be one of the most haunted hotels in Vermont. Constructed in completion in the year of 1769, this structure has a long, rich history that seems to contribute to the seemingly paranormal events that take place. If you are seeking out haunted places to go, or simply enjoy reading about the spectacular hauntings that occur in and around the United States, you are sure to enjoy the story of the Equinox Hotel hauntings.

Haunted History

One of the most popular stories of the Equinox Hotel surrounds the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln and his family. In the year of 1865, Lincoln’s wife, who was named Mary Todd Lincoln, decided to visit the hotel in Vermont because of the fact that the summers in Washington D.C were extremely hot and uncomfortable. When she set pace for the beautiful Equinox, she brought along the children that she and the President shared. Unfortunately, disaster struck and affected the family. Abraham Lincoln was assassinated and it hindered the family’s plans to return to Washington D.C.

Many employees have seen pictures of Mary Todd Lincoln through the years. The image of Mrs. Lincoln is remembered quite vividly by at least two employees of the Equinox Hotel. These employees were on the third floor of the structure cleaning and performing basic housekeeping duties when they both observed a brief image of what appeared to be Mrs. Lincoln, and a small child. These employees saw the apparitions and then they disappeared as quickly as they appeared. Based on seeing previous pictures of the President’s wife, they believe that the spirit that they saw was Mary Todd Lincoln and one of her children that visited the hotel that fateful summer.

There have been a number of guests that have stated that they have experienced unusual and paranormal events while lodging at this popular resort in Manchester, Vermont. These guests have experienced much of the same thing as the housekeepers of the haunted hotel. However, for guests who do not understand the paranormal, these events are quite frightening. Several paranormal investigators have researched the structure in order to determine the cause of some of the events that guests seem to experience. Several events have been debunked based on the age of the structure itself – like breezes, and even the electrical wiring has been to blame for those that experience hypersensitivity.

Many have experienced what appears to be voices speaking in a whisper, while others have caught glimpses of what appears to be full figures from the corners of their eyes. Then, there are some who claim that they feel a quick chill and the hair on their neck and arm stands up. Many have stated that they have had items moved from where they were left in the room, and others have stated that lights have resulted in their waking up at night from a sound sleep.

Many paranormal investigators do feel as if the Equinox Hotel is haunted. However, these researchers feel as if the hauntings are more residual than intelligent. This means that they are basically a remnant of energy from past events. Despite the fact that the hauntings seem quite real, and they are very frightening, the fact is that they cannot hurt anyone. If you want to get as close to the spiritual world as you can, while remaining safe, the Equinox Hotel is the place to be! Check for the lowest price, get directions, view photos, and read the reviews and traveler tips for the Equinox Hotel.

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