The Haunted Cashtown Inn

The haunted Cashtown Inn in Cashtown, Pennsylvania has been the talk of the area for many years. In the year of 1797 the inn was constructed and opened for business. In the early days of the business, the individual that ran it would only accept cash as a means of paying for lodging, toll fees, and even various types of goods instead of accepting credit and bartering like so many businesses did in that time period. The locals eventually gave it the name of “Cashtown” due to this. Seeing that it was located on the famous Route 30, it ended up getting a lot of business. It was so popular, in fact, that the Confederate Army, headed by the General Robert E. Lee ordered his troops to station at the Cashtown Inn until he rendered notice of the next course of action.

As ordered, the Confederate Army went to the Cashtown Inn while General Lee decided on his next move. Unfortunately, he did not think that his next move would result in the many tragedies that it did. This decision ultimately ended in the infamous “Battle of Gettysburg”. Many men were injured that day, and many men were killed. Emotions ran high as a sense of despair, dread, and loss filled the air like a thick cloud of the ominous events experienced, and those yet to be experienced. The Cashtown Inn helped to house the soldiers, and made a special area where the soldiers who were injured could be taken care of.

Once the war was over, the inn continued in business as always. Unfortunately, business dwindled by the year of 1948. This was largely due to the fact that the town allowed a bypass highway to be constructed. When this occurred, those that would normally pass right through the town of Cashtown would be directed around it. Quickly, business was terribly low. It was so low, in fact, that the owner could not properly maintain it. A woman by the name of Carol Buckley, and her husband, Charles, finally elected to purchase the building in the year of 1987. During the restoration process, there were many paranormal experiences that seemed to occur as well.

Hauntings seem to emerge at every corner in the Cashtown Inn. One of the rooms where a General by the name of A.P Hill lodged during the battle is said to be haunted. In many instances, visitors to the inn have reported that the rocking chair in the room will start to move on its own, with absolutely no explanation. In addition to this, several have been frightened because of the fact that it felt as if someone was on the bed with them while they rested. In other cases, knocking and other unexplained sounds have been experienced in the room.

Many individuals who work in the inn and have visited the inn have been surprised to see a man in the hallway, and also in the area of the bar. While under normal circumstances, this would not be an issue, the man that they see is transparent and is dressed in one of the old Confederate uniforms that were standard issued during the Civil War. This same man has been seen in the area that is near the bar as well. It is unknown as to whether the spirit has attempted to interact with the people he has shown himself to, or if he hasn’t. However, the experience was frightening to the witnesses, regardless.

There are many other types of unexplained events that have happened in the haunted Cashtown Inn. Employees and visitors have heard strange sounds that resemble that of someone or many people walking at once when no one else was around. Even personal belongings of some of the guests have been altered, such as suitcases being packed with no explanation. Get directions, view photos and read the visitor reviews and traveler tips for the Cashtown Inn.

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