The Brumder Mansion Hauntings

The Brumder Mansion

The Brumder Mansion hauntings are quite popular among the locals in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area. Located on West Wisconsin Avenue at the numerical address of 3046, this particular establishment has quite a bit of history when it comes to the paranormal. It stands at an amazing four stories high and has a square footage of nearly 8,000. This building was constructed in the year of 1910 by George Brumder. He wanted to build a home that his oldest son could enjoy. The ending result incorporated the architectural designs of Gothic and Victorian and even mixed in some elements of unique and exquisite art.

The Brumder Mansion was not always known to be haunted. As a matter of fact, it was not until a lady by the name of Carol purchased the structure and made some changes, including the purchasing of various antiques that are located in the building. It has been established that there are at least three ghostly spirits in the mansion that are believed to be intelligent hauntings. This basically means that they are able to interact with the living. Residual hauntings, on the other hand, are more less a type of energy that resides in a particular location or a "recording" of a person or emotionally charged event that occurred in a particular location. The investigation that established the presence of these spirits was conducted by a team called "The North Alliance of Paranormal Investigators".

It is said that the spirits are welcoming, though if experienced firsthand, they may be a bit frightening simply because they may catch you off guard. It is believed that many of the antiques that are displayed throughout the beautiful Brumder Mansion have a spiritual attachment, which is why there seems to be paranormal activity within the structure. As you walk through the building, you will observe old dolls, furniture, art, and other objects.

The ghosts that are said to be within the mansion are believed to be friendly, yet very playful. This is especially true if they are believed to enjoy the company of an individual. It is not at all uncommon for the spirits to speak among themselves. Many who have visited the structure and those that work within the structure have heard unexplained voices. It is unknown as to whether the spirits are attempting to communicate with the living directly, or if they are having a conversation among themselves, but the voices are audibly heard. In addition to this, it is very common for the employees and guests to hear the sounds of walking throughout the building. Upon investigation, there is no explainable cause for the sounds.

There is an old lady that apparently haunts the structure. A psychic was brought in and determined that she felt a spirit that she referred to as "Aunt Pussy". As time progressed, it is said that the ghost finally communicated with the psychic and stated that her name was "Susan". The presence of this spirit is generally in what is referred to as the "Gold Room". The next spirit that is said to haunt the Brumder Mansion is said to be a younger woman. It is believed that this ghost makes themselves known on the third floor of the structure. In addition to these two spirits, it is said that there is a male ghost that enjoys roaming throughout the parlor. Additionally, it is said that the spirit can be felt and seen in the suit where George Brumder stayed.

The Brumder Mansion hauntings are quite exciting to the people that have experienced them. If you will be in the area, it may be in your best interest to check it out. If you would like to make reservations, you may call 342-9767, area code 414. Not only will you get to visit a lovely region and experience the beauty that the mansion has to offer, you may encounter one of the ghosts that reside there. This is considered to be one of the best paranormal hot spots in all of Wisconsin! Check for the lowest price, get directions, view photos, and read the reviews and traveler tips for the Brumder Mansion.

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