The Haunted Ball Cemetery in Nebraska

The Ball Cemetery in Nebraska is rumored to be one of the most haunted areas in the city of Springfield.

One of the oldest graves to be located on the grounds of this spooky graveyard is marked with the year of 1869. Originally opened as a cemetery designated for a particular family, this area was eventually opened to other individuals outside of the family that was originally plotted here. Today, it is believed that several spirits lurk in and around the grounds of the cemetery, deeming it the name of the “Haunted Ball Cemetery”. Here, you will learn about this haunted place.

Many notable figures who did not have the best reputation in life have been buried in this graveyard in death. One of the individuals is known as “Rattlesnake Pete”. This individual was known to hang with people who committed several crimes in the past, such as “Buffalo Bill” and others. It is believed that this individual may still linger around the cemetery, seeking out some of the individuals who he accommodated in life in the afterlife. This ghost is believed to exhibit a short temper, and many individuals have even claimed that they have been physically touched and/or attacked by this evil presence in the cemetery.

Many who have visited this spooky graveyard say that there is a female spirit who often is heard faintly speaking, or singing from a distance. In many cases the laughter of this female spirit is often heard once someone who is living has been touched, or their clothing or an accessory has been tugged out. It is believed that this lady was named “Mary Mumford” in life, and that she still remains very active as an intelligent haunting in the afterlife

In addition to the above spirits, many other types of unexplained phenomenon are believed to occur within the cemetery gates. Many individuals have witnessed an assortment of apparitions that seem to be in the form of a “mist”. Other individuals have heard something that sounded like someone walking due to leaves rustling and twigs snapping, only to find that no one was there that could have been making this noise. Many ghost pictures and ghost videos have been taken at the Ball Cemetery and these show things that cannot be explained. If you would like to visit this cemetery, you can easily make arrangements to do so:

20999 South 176th Street
Springfield, Nebraska 68059

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