The Haunted Town of Atchison Kansas

The haunted town of Atchison Kansas has attracted a large number of visitors all through the years. It is proclaimed that this particular town has more paranormal activity than any other town in the entire state of Kansas. You can find this town along the Missouri River in the northeast section of the state. Individuals that live here, or have visited here have documented a wide assortment of ghostly sightings, ghost pictures, ghost videos, and have claimed to experience a wide variety of other unexplained phenomenon. Here, you will learn about the history and hauntings of the haunted town of Atchison Kansas.

In the early history of Atchison, Kansas, many settlers were known to travel to the area, and through the area in order to reach the “land of opportunity”, or “California”. This occurred in the 1850’s when several individuals were in search of both gold and jobs. It has been estimated that, throughout this era, nearly two thousand wagons a day would swarm the city of Atchison Kansas in search of their opportunity. Many of these settlers came from far, far away and never made it further than Atchison. It seems, in an odd sort of way, that the souls that made it past this ghost town were not able to make it past the town in the afterlife either.

The Hauntings

There are several different hauntings that occur within the town of Atchison Kansas. Here, I will detail some of the areas that are believed to play host to the spiritual world.

The Home on Riverview

The home on Riverview has had several different occurrences that seem to reflect that of a paranormal nature. The following indicates some of the unusual events that occur in this room:

When individuals come to lodge at this particular home, they are often directed to place their belongings at the area that is just above the stairs. Unfortunately, it appears that there is a spirit in the home that simply does not favor this arrangement. In many cases, these belongings have often ended up on the floor of the first level of the home – with no apparent cause.

The electricity in the home seems to be rather sensitive, and it is believed that a spirit is causing the unusual events that occur with it. For example, it is common for television sets to turn on and off by themselves, and for the volume to be turned up to a very high and uncomfortable level. The same has occurred with stereos in the home. Lights, too, have come on and went off with no apparent cause.

Noises that sound as if there is a person present often make themselves known throughout the home. Upon investigation, no one appears to be in the room where the noises originated.

The spirit of a ghost that appears to be an elderly woman has been seen more than once in the home. This woman appears to be quite territorial when it comes to the area of the attic in the home.

Atchison Street

Atchison Street has a very sad, and yet mysterious history. Long ago, this was the street that was traveled to reach the ferry. As a matter of fact, this street was referred to as “Ferry Street” until recently. It leads people down a steep incline, and to the Missouri River. One cold, harsh winter a lady was traveling along the street when tragedy struck. The ice apparently resulted in a general loss of control of the buggy that she was driving, and it resulted in her meeting her fate by tossing her into the river at freezing temperatures. Rumor has it that a spirit of a lady can often be seen and heard calling out to travelers on the road – specifically, men travelers.

The Gargoyle Home

The Gargoyle Home or “Waggener House” is believed to be one of the most known haunted houses in the ghost town of Atchison, Kansas. In the 1800’s, there was a man who served the area as a lawyer. His name was B.P Waggener. He constructed this particular home right around the year of 1885. This individual was known to have accumulated a great deal of wealth in his lifetime. Legend has it that the wealth was a result of a “deal” that was made – not with another person or business, but with the devil himself. The gargoyle statutes were believed to have been a representation of that deal.

Mr. Waggener has come and gone in life, but it is believed that an evil presence lurks in the shadows of the massive structure. It is also believed that a curse lingers over the home. Many individuals have attempted to remove the hideous gargoyle statutes from the home, and have been unsuccessful. One person who attempted to do this actually met his fate by falling down the stairs in the home. Paranormal investigators who have studied the home have documented what they believe to be hauntings in the home through the means of EVP readings, KII meters, digital audio recorders, as well as through videos and photographs.


As you can see, there are several hauntings that are believed to occur in the area of Atchison Kansas. The places mentioned here is just a small list of the many haunted places to go in this ghost town. There are tours set up in the city that allow interested parties to travel on a trolley into the depths of the city to uncover the most haunted places. Many investigators have deemed this ghost town as one of the scariest places on Earth. If you are seeking to visit a location that has many opportunities for experiencing the paranormal firsthand, the city of Atchison Kansas is the place to go!

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