The Hauntings of the Allen House

There are many hauntings associated with the Allen House. This amazing structure is located in the city of Monticello in Arkansas. Constructed in the year of 1900, this home has been the highlight of several stories involving the paranormal. Joe Lee Allen was a popular and wealthy planter in the Delta in the late 1800’s. In the year of 1900, he had this home built so that he and his family may enjoy the advantages associated with luxurious living. The architectural design, the building materials, and the layout of the home reflect the historical notations of the time. Seeing that Allen had access to only top quality building materials, this is what was used in the construction process. Here, you will learn about the hauntings of the Allen House as documented by locals, employees, and travelers alike.

When Mr. Allen built the home, it was intended to be a home for his wife and three daughters. The names of his daughters were Lewie, Ladell, and Lonnie. His wife’s name was also Ladell. Unfortunately, just seventeen short years later, Mr. Allen passed away. He was fifty four years old at the time of his death, which is believed to have been a result of natural causes. This occurred in the year of 1917. Naturally, Mrs. Allen and her three daughters were devastated by the loss of Joe Allen. However, due to the fact that they were provided the home as a gift from him, they continued to live in the home. Mrs. Allen died in the home in the year of 1954. She was not alone, though. All three daughters had moved out of the home in order to pursue their own lives, but the young Ladell had experienced a divorce in the year of 1927 and moved back in the structure, bringing her son, Allen Bonner, along.

Mrs. Allen, Ladell, and her son, Allen, lived contently in the structure until tragedy occurred in the year of 1944. This is when Allen passed away. He was only twenty eight years old at the time. Naturally, Mrs. Allen and Ladell were grief stricken and mourned tremendously over the loss. Both women went into a state of depression. Mrs. Allen experienced many health complications as she continued to mourn over the loss of her dear husband, and now over her grandson as well. Ladell also experienced a severe state of depression. She, too, missed her father, was devastated over her divorce, and now the loss of her only son as well. She watched as her mother suffered from various ailments, trying her best to assist her back to health, yet losing herself mentally in the midst of it all.

Five years after the death of her son, Ladell committed suicide. It actually occurred three weeks prior to the five year anniversary of the death of her son, in the year of 1949 and in the month of January. There are many speculations regarding how the young Ladell succeeded in taking her own life. However, the most popular and accepted conclusion involves her ingesting a fatal amount of cyanide that had traces of mercury within it. Several individuals have expressed the fact that once Mrs. Allen passed away in the year of 1954 that there are several hauntings that are said to have occurred in the structure. One of the most common hauntings among reports involves the attic area of the home. Many have claimed that they have heard voices, as well as the sounds of people walking. Many have felt that these sounds were those of real intruders and even called the police. Upon inspection, there was nothing more than personal items of the Allen family.

Many individuals have captured the appearance of female apparitions throughout the structure. Children and adult apparitions have been observed by individuals staying and working in the building. Many have even had the pleasure of capturing misty looking female spirits on camera and on video that they took within the walls of the structure. These apparitions have been seen playing in the halls, walking within the structure, and various places around the structure. They have also been heard and seen looking out of the windows.

Male apparitions have been spotted within the haunted Allen House as well. A small boy, as well as grown men have been seen and heard in various locations of the structure. It is believed that Joe Allen and his grandson, Allen, possibly remain in the loved home – even in the spiritual life. If you are interested in haunted places to go, you are sure to love the Allen house. While the home has seen its share of tragedy, it appears that the bond of family moves from the physical life into the spiritual with all members.

Allen House
705 North Main Street
Monticello, Arkansas
(870) 224-2271

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