True Paranormal Activity at Bewitched & BEDazzled

by Jon Bleiweis

Bewitched and Bedazzled. BY RYAN MAVITY

Bewitched and Bedazzled. BY RYAN MAVITY

REHOBOTH BEACH — Eleanor Sigsbee is a frequent guest at the Bewitched & BEDazzled bed and breakfast in Rehoboth Beach even though she died 114 years ago.

It’s her ghost who guests and staff see, and she’s one of four ghost children frequently found at the Bewitched building of the bed and breakfast, according to owner Inez Conover.

“They mess up the beds, they go in and throw pillows on the floor,” she said. “It looks like somebody has already been there.”

Innkeeper Aquila Harris once saw Sigsbee’s ghost about six months ago and drew a sketch of who she saw. Conover told her to draw what she saw.

“She saw her in full detail, as if she was a living person,” Conover said. “It wasn’t a cloud. Initially, she thought it was a guest.”

The sketch was given to the folks at Delmarva Historic Haunts , who did some research and discovered it was the 13-year-old girl’s ghost. She was the daughter of Capt. Charles Dwight Sigsbee, of USS Maine fame and died in the building.

Since Conover became the owner of the bed and breakfast in 2002, she said there have been several stories over the years. At first, she said she blew off the idea that ghosts would be there. But over time, guests would photograph what they saw and write about it on TripAdvisor while employees would run out of the building.

Now, she’s convinced there are ghosts, and at this point they no longer bother her.

“The one thing we don’t have is any nasty ghosts,” she said. “They’re all good spirits. They don’t do anything negative. They party, they run up and down the stairs.”

At the BEDazzled house, several adult ghosts can be seen and heard, and Conover said they, unlike the children at the Bewitched house, tend to appear at night.

DHH did an investigation of the bed and breakfast in November 2012, bringing in several infrared DVR cameras, recorders, still cameras, electromagnetic machines and ghost meters for a two-night stay.

DHH CEO and co-lead investigator Rick Coherd said it’s a fascinating place.

“It’s definitely a haunted place,” he said, adding during the stay, they heard a “shut the door,” and one member had her hand held. The company has several videos on YouTube detailing their stay, including a conversation with one of the ghosts that used a ghost meter.

Bewitched & BEDazzled now works directly with Delmarva Historic Haunts and offers guests the ability to partake in Ghost Hunting 101, the Ghost Hunter’s Package. This entertaining experience offers your ability to engage in a real-life ghost investigation of the haunted bed and breakfast – at no additional charge apart from the standard room fee for two nights.

The package includes a full Innkeeper breakfast, wine reception, and an expert-led ghost hunt. For more information or for reservations call: 302-226-3900, 1-866-725-7197 or e-mail us:

Written By:
Jon Bleiweis

Edited By:
Angela Shiflett

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