Signs of Paranormal Activity at Previous Home

by Susan Fanter
(E Alton,IL.)

Signs of Paranormal Activity at Previous Home

Signs of Paranormal Activity at Previous Home

At the time of my experience, I lived in St. Louis, Missouri with my mother and grandmother. The home we lived in used to be one large house; however, it was transformed into a structure that included two different apartments. When we initially moved in, my grandmother stated that she had a “bad feeling”. At that time, we had yet to experience anything unusual.

The paranormal activity that I experienced happened on December 21st, at approximately 11pm. My brother, mother, and my mother’s boyfriend were all watching the classic Christmas movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life”. During the movie, I looked into the kitchen. What I saw there gave me chills and continues to give me chills to this day.

Before delving into my paranormal experience, I feel it is first important to explain something as it could have had an impact on why I saw what I saw. In the basement of this house, there were many boxes of clothes, photographs, and other types of belongings that we believed to have been left by the people that lived in the building before we did. We just left them, but we would come to regret that.

We would all hear strange and unusual noises at night. These included unexplained footsteps, what seemed to sound like people having conversations in the basement, and other unexplained phenomenon. Due to what we had heard all that time, we started to believe that there was another side to the house. A strange, particular, and possibly even a haunted side.

Now, fast forward to when I looked into the kitchen. It was a strange, dark figure – in the shape of a man. I distinctly made out the hat, the fact he was wearing a coat, his arms, and his legs. It was just standing eerily still in the doorway of the kitchen. I went into immediate shock! I could not move. I could not speak. Even when my family asked what was wrong, I could not answer.

Quickly, my brother and my mom’s boyfriend started a thorough search of the house. My mom had a wooden horse statue. Out of nowhere and for no reason at all, it started moving. I did not wait for anything else to happen, I immediately ran down the stairs. The very next day, my mother described to my grandmother what had happened. We all decided that this was not the house for us. We simply could not live in a haunted house. Just a week later, we moved.

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