Paranormal Activity In Florida

by Angie
(Palatka, FL)

Photo by John Bradley

Photo by John Bradley

I recently started pursuing my passion of ghost hunting. In a recent trip to St. Augustine, Florida – which is called the Nation’s Oldest City, I had a bit of a paranormal experience. My mother, sister, and I were on St. George Street in front of the “Old Schoolhouse”. It was about 10:00pm. I was trying to take pictures of the schoolhouse in an effort to potentially catch paranormal activity.

The first issue I had was that the flash on my digital camera did not seem to want to work. I was beginning to get thoroughly frustrated. It was then that my sister said she would go buy a disposable camera from a little store on the corner that was just a short distance from us. As she walked in front of the camera, the flash finally went off. The problem at this point was, she was in between me and the schoolhouse. I am wondering, was it a mechanical glitch, or something more?

She went on to the store to purchase the camera, but while she was away, I had another problem. My mother and I both observed this. My camera popped up with the message “low battery” and shut down. That was impossible! I had just put brand new batteries in! I tried to turn on the camera, and to our surprise, it actually turned on and the battery indicator on the screen showed that the battery had full power! I am wondering, could the energy of potential spirits be causing interruptions with my camera? There is no other explanation for this that I have found. Since then, the same batteries are in the camera, and still show as full. Also, the flash works fine.

In my younger days, I also had a passion for ghosts and found myself attracted to locations that were claimed to be haunted. I live in Putnam County, Florida. There
is an Indian burial ground that is called “Mount Royal” in the city of Welaka. In my early twenties, me and three friends went to this mound after dark. This is a site where the Indians focused their efforts in building sometime between 1250 and 1500 as a location to bury the dead. Naturally, we heard it was haunted and we wanted to try it out for ourselves.

We all walked in the fence, and headed up to the top of Mount Royal. The homes nearby had streetlights that illuminated the area enough that we could pretty much see each other, as well as where we were going. We played around just trying to sneak up on each other and scare each other. Eventually, though, something happened. The air seemed to go completely dark. While we called out for each other, our voices either seemed distant or unheard by the others. I tried to find someone, but couldn’t. I could hear noises of breaking twigs, but it did not quite sound like anyone walking.

At this point, I tried desperately to locate the fence that is located at the bottom of Mount Royal so that I could feel my way out, but it seemed no matter which way I turned, or where I walked, I was unable to locate the fence. Finally, I found it, and it was light enough again to see my friends coming out behind me.

This was very frightening! What is even more ironic is that each of my friends experienced much the same thing that I did. While we did not see ghosts, and we were not the subject of any type of attack, it felt as if we were launched in a pit of darkness and it felt very heavy, very strong. It was one of the most frightening experiences in my life. It was definitely an experience that was paranormal in nature.

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