One Of The Haunted Places In Indiana


One of the haunted places in Indiana is said to be the Hannah House in Indianapolis, Indiana, a place of intrigue, superstition, paranormal activity, and mysterious attraction. Constructed in the year of 1858 by Alexander Hannah, who was one of the most popular noted individuals in the community in his time for his work in law enforcement, farming, the criminal justice system, and more, this structure has been the topic of many conversations, and paranormal studies throughout the years.

While Alexander Hannah originally constructed the home for residence, once he married his wife over a decade later, Elizabeth, he added many special features in an effort to please the woman. This was also part of the Underground Railroad, and served as a safe lodging area for slaves – who resided in the basement. Here, you will learn of the mysteries that surround The Hannah House.

The Beginning of the Hauntings….

There are several stories regarding The Hannah House when it comes to hauntings. The first recorded major disaster that occurred in this structure relates to the time period of the Underground Railroad. Slaves often took refuge in the basement of this home on their journey to freedom. The basement was usually lit by old lanterns that were located in the basement, and even some that the slaves carried.

One evening, an unfortunate event occurred. One of the slaves knocked a lantern over and it resulted in a rapid developing fire that overtook the basement. When this occurred, most of the slaves were killed. Due to the fact that individuals who housed the Underground Railroad could not be discovered, the slaves were buried on the property so that they would not be discovered.

Since the time in which this fire occurred, many unusual experiences have been noted by the residents, slaves, and visitors that came into the home – particularly in the area of the basement. There have been recordings of “cold spots” out of no where. Many have claimed that they have felt a breeze slip past them. Many have experienced actual apparitions in The Hannah House.

Naturally, there have also been a number of experiences where individuals heard noises, and items in the home were moved, or altered in some fashion or another. While these experiences have never really provided a deeply frightening experience that traumatized the victim, they are experiences that the people who endured them will never forget.

Children who have visited The Hannah House have been found to display funny and quite ironic behavior that has adults who witnessed the behaviors questioning it. Many children have actually been recorded speaking to someone, and physically interacting with something that was not present to the adult eye. Children see whatever it is that they see as “real” and if they identify what they see as being spiritual, they have no fear as they feel as if the spirits are friendly and they like them. Many adults have experienced situations in which they hear people talking and socializing only to find that there is no one else around.

Throughout the history of The Hannah House, many ghost hunters and paranormal investigators have come to the structure in an effort to record evidence of the supposed hauntings. To no surprise, there have been unusual activities recorded on both film and video. In addition to this, EMF equipment used by these individuals have also noted the apparent presence of something that contains energy and is not of this world. If you are interested in spending the night in haunted places and getting a feel for the spiritual side, you should lodge at the beautiful and mysterious Hannah Home in Indiana!

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