Ghost Stories From Canada

Here are some ghost stories from are readers in Canada. If you have a story to share with us, be sure to visit the Your Ghost Stories Page. We would love to hear from you!


Okay this might sound like a fake story but its not! It actually happen to me a couple weeks ago...well here I go. Me and my family had to move to this town, it was really weird, full of weird people. I know nothings wrong with them but I just wanted to put that. anyways i was laying in my bedroom then all of a sudden i heard footsteps coming up the stairs. I got up and went out to look. Turns out it was my little brother bringing up some pop to his bedroom. Then he stopped when he saw me, he looked at me for a sec then his eyes turned to look at something behind me. I turned around to see and I almost screamed. It was a young lady she had red hair and was wearing weird clothes, like the kind you'd see in old magazines(its hard to explain). Her lips were really red but her skin was really white... sorta a pale color. I never saw her in my life before and same for my brother. I remember starting to backup but never taking my eyes off her. Her eyes where looked like well black, as black as you'd get no matter what. And then she said something but I couldn't hear her, it was like a whisper. Then she said something again. It sounded like she was saying a number i mean i think she said 95 but my brother said he thought it was 65... but i was confused. Then my brother did something so stupid! he dropped his can of coke! then after that noise she got disturbed and started to move. Well actually run. But what was really scary and odd was she went right into the door. Like threw it, she didn't open it or anything but just went through it! So thats why i thought she was a ghost. but we still live in the same house, I just keep my lights on...and my brother does the same. I have heard some more noises but I just ignore them because I don't wanna be scared like that again.

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