A Real Haunted House in Alabama – The Davis House

by Patricia Edwards
(Mobile, Alabama - United States)

Kelly Kazek | kkazek@al.com

Kelly Kazek | kkazek@al.com

If you are looking for haunted houses in Alabama, I know of a real haunted house that is called the “Davis House”. My experience with this real haunted house begins when a friend of mine was doing security work for a local film company. They were making a horror movie called “Dead Birds”. He called one evening and said, “The location manager is going to give us a tour of the old house. If you, your mom, and a few others want to come see the place.”

Naturally, we decided to go on the tour of the Davis House. While visiting this real haunted house, my cousin’s wife took a picture of me standing at the end of the stairs in the main hallway. When that picture was developed, there was a green glowing ball of light hovering next to my right arm and at the time the pic was made there wasn’t any orb light there, or she would have said something.

The whole time I was inside this real haunted house it felt like something was walking along with me as I explored the inside. There was also one other incident where me and my cousin went back to this old plantation house to do a little ghost hunting and to explore. To give a brief history the house was built right before the Civil War and from what Horst, the location manager, had said, the original homes built in the area before this one and the ones by it were burned down. He also said that a school and a church had been built about the same time.

He went on to say that the people that lived in the original houses are buried in a small corner of the property. The original owners were a father and his son. There is a main house that has a servant’s house, a barn, and a stable in the back. Off to the side is another beautiful plantation home that Matthew and Benjamin Davis owned. Upon exploring this structure, my cousin and I found that one of the windows were unboarded and the latch was unlocked. This is where it gets a little creepy.

My cousin and I decided to enter the house. The power had been turned off for months since the film production crew wrapped up. It was warm outside as it was spring time. When we got in the house, it was very cold. Actually, freezing cold. I started getting freaked out and I told my cousin “HURRY UP DUDE!” He went upstairs to take some pictures and I wandered around looking. The entire time it felt like someone was walking with me like it did the first time I was there and it was so unsettling til I even turned around to see if my cousin was trying to creep up on me and scare me or if something was actually there.

My experiences had already led me to believe that this is one of the scariest haunted houses in Alabama. We left the inside of the house and decided to take some pictures around the outside of the building. My cousin got back to his house and looked at the pictures and he saw a man with dark hair and down to his left side there was a lady with her hair done in curls like back in the Civil War era and then close to her was a faint image of another man. They were near the window where we entered and images were caught next to another window. He sent the pictures to me and I just sat staring at the screen with my mouth opened. When we saw these, we knew this was definitely a real haunted house.

We know that the Davis House is one of the most active of real haunted houses in Alabama. The house and those near it are still standing, but people have since bought them and you can’t get into them now. The family cemetery is still where you can see the headstones of the deceased when you get close to the real haunted house, which is just off of Oakgrove, Road. If you have ever wondered if there are real haunted houses in Alabama, the answer is “yes”.

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