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Haunted Places To Go is a comprehensive website dedicated to bringing you the best of haunted places and the real haunted stories associated with those locations.

In recent years, there has been an explosion of interest in the paranormal. More and more individuals are seeking out information on a wide array of areas that have been deemed haunted based on eye witness accounts and experiences, unusual events, and unexplained situations. As a result of this heightened interest in the paranormal, many are now traveling to these locations in order to investigate the unexplained phenomenon.

Then, there are those that simply research haunted locations in order to gain an effective understanding of the haunted stories. Haunted places to go is more than a directory, it is a comprehensive database of historical events, unusual experiences, mystifying encounters, and real haunted stories as expressed by those that have had direct contact with the supernatural spirit world.

The creators of Haunted Places to Go know and understands that, since the induction of humankind, individuals of all regions and from all walks of life have had a solid belief in ghosts. Most individuals have a profound certainty that there is something, in some area of the world or universe that is much bigger than the lives that we are all too familiar with. In the same respect, the fear of the unknown is a common theme seen throughout history.

Of all of the unknowns that we fear, the strongest fear is that of death. Perhaps, this is why there is such an intense fascination with haunted places and the real haunted stories that surround those locations. If individuals exist in spiritual form after leaving the physical world, it is an indication to each of us that there IS, in fact, something more, something bigger, and possibly, something better for each of us as we pass from this life.

As you browse through our pages, you will discover many different types of haunted places that you may visit. These include, but are not limited to, haunted asylums, real life haunted houses, real haunted castles, haunted hospitals, haunted acres around the world, haunted plantations, and haunted graveyards. Most stories presented throughout this website include a brief history associated with the location, the paranormal experiences that have occurred in that location, and contact information.

If you have an interest in learning about haunted places, are interested in experiencing the real haunted stories firsthand, or have a desire to tour these mysterious and intriguing locations, this website on haunted places to visit is for you! Most of the locations highlighted throughout this website offer visitors a haunted walkthrough, haunted ghost tours, private tours, and the opportunity for you to conduct a real paranormal investigation.

If you are ready to learn about all of the most mysterious haunted places worldwide, or are ready to start planning your ghost hunting trip, simply use the navigation bars on the left to maneuver to the destinations of your choice.

If you have encountered a paranormal entity, or believe that you have personally experienced some of the paranormal events that have transpired at one of the haunted places to go that we have listed here, we would love to hear from you! Simply visit the page, Your Ghost Stories , so that you may share all of the details of your experience. You may also explore haunted places by state by simply visiting the Haunted Places to Go Site Map-Index.

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