Bizarre Experience in the Hawthorne Hotel in Salem, Mass.

by Dave M
(Ontario, Canada)

First Pic - 6th floor hallway

First Pic - 6th floor hallway

First Pic - 6th floor hallway
Second Pic - Same spot.  Note the orb
Third Pic - same hallway, opposite direction

I took a solo trip to Boston in December 2012, and decided to rent a car and stay in Salem for an evening. I booked a room at the Hawthorne Hotel.

When I arrived, I was given my room card, which was for room 615. I asked if the hotel was busy, and the girl told me I was the only person staying on the sixth floor that evening. When I returned to the hotel at about 11:00 pm after watching Monday night football at a nearby bar, I got in the elevator, and two girls asked me if I liked staying in a 'haunted hotel'. They asked me where I was staying, and I told them on the sixth floor. They told me I was crazy staying up there by myself. I heard of the reputation of the hotel by reading reviews before I left, but didn't think much of it.

I fell asleep easy shortly after midnight. However, I was woken up at 5:52 am by three loud noises inside my room - they sounded like something plastic being dropped on the coffee table. They were loud, and definitely within my room - I am hard of hearing, and they jolted me upright. When I reached over to turn the bedside light on, my upper body was frozen with tingling waves of electricity for about 30 seconds - I couldn't move! My heart was beating like crazy, and the hairs were standing up on my neck - I thought I was having a heart attack. After struggling to try to turn on the light switch to no avail, I just slumped back onto the pillow, then got a horrible whiff of really bad body odor, which lasted about 30 seconds - then it completely disappeared! I stayed awake in the bed until 7:00, eyes wide open, barely moving a muscle. Nothing else happened during this time. I got up, threw on a hat, packed, and left very quickly. None of the above experiences have ever happened to me before.

Here are three photos taken in the 6th floor hallway at 11:45 pm. All photos were taken within 3 seconds of each other. The middle photo shows an orb which is not present on the first or last photos, which debunks moisture on the lens. Feel free to comment on this, or to request for me to email you the pictures for your analysis.

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