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"Apparitions are often confused with hauntings. The difference is that apparitions are "live" (intelligent consciousness) and hauntings are "recordings". "

Welcome to the ghost videos crypt of Haunted-Places-To-Go! Here, we work to introduce you to a massive collection of videos that visually express the attestation of the spiritual world. Every single day, millions of individuals are actively seeking confirmation in the reality of the paranormal. Visually observing real ghosts through ghost pictures is one way of doing it, but often leaves the question open as to whether or not the pictures have been altered in one form, fashion, or another. However, witnessing paranormal activity in ghost videos is a whole other story! Here, in the ghost videos crypt of Haunted-Places-To-Go, you will be able to experience firsthand collections of unexplained phenomenon, spirits, and other types of paranormal events.

The practice of ghost hunting is a challenging one for the individuals that engage in it. There is a lot of equipment involved that can be on the expensive side, not to mention heavy and tedious to set up. Many dedicate a lot of time to the endeavor. In addition to all of this, it takes a tremendous amount of patience in order to successfully capture any type of evidence to prove the existence of spirits. Once the “hunt” is over, all of the material that was obtained must be reviewed. This may include photographs, digital audio recordings, EMF readings, videos, and even thermal images! The successful ghost hunter who happens to capture ghost videos is the ghost hunter who has spent their time wisely. Here, you will be able to view some of these successful ghost videos!

Everyone loves the thrill of experiencing scary movies about hauntings – whether fictional of factional! Ghost videos filmed by real, true to life, are increasingly gaining in popularity due to the fact that they are “raw” – which means there are no special effects, special edits, or scripting involved. This is one reason why The Atlantic Paranormal Society or “TAPS” of Sci-Fi’s “Ghost Hunters” has gained so much popularity in recent years. There are several other televised series that display raw footage of individuals who seek out ghosts and paranormal activity, like “Haunted Investigators”, “Ghost Hunt”, “Most Haunted” and “Ghost Adventures”. In addition to this, there are television shows like “A Haunting” that actually reenact true ghost stories!

If you want to view real haunted places, some of the scariest places on earth, or simple ghost hunts of haunted houses, haunted hotels, haunted mansions, and more, our ghost videos crypt of Haunted-Places-To-Go is sure to intrigue you…frighten you…and perhaps prove, once and for all, that ghosts really do exist!

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Michael Jackson's Ghost?/Gettysburg Ghosts/Surveillance Camera

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Convenience Store Ghost/Ghost Caught On Webcam?/Riding School Ghost

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