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Convenience Store Haunt

Imagine that you are a manager of a convenience store that has numerous security cameras inside. You arrive at the store early one morning to review some footage of the store caught the previous night before to ensure that everything operated smoothly while you were away from the store. As you sit and watch the video footage, you suddenly see something extraordinary, something highly unusual, and something completely unbelievable! The thought crosses your mind that your eyes must be playing tricks on you…after all, the night before we really did not sleep very well….You rewind the tape, and actually do it several times. To your amazement, it was not a trick by your eyes, it is not an illusion, and it is what appears to be a haunting, a ghost! Check this convenience store video that seems to reflect a spirit from out of this world!

Web Cam Spook

Imagine that you have decided to step out of your home to run a quick errand, and you left your computer and webcam on while you were out. When you come back to your home, you decide just to take a look at what happened while you were away. Amazingly, you see what seems to appear as a dark shadow. Surely there has to be an explanation of this unexplained phenomenon! As you continuously rewind the footage over and over again, you quickly realize that there is absolutely no explanation for the incident. What you have discovered appears to be a spirit actually walking towards the video camera! Check out this ghost video to see for yourself!

Riding School Ghost

In this haunted video, you will observe several at a horse riding school practicing with their animals. The students are simply riding around in basic daylight while an individual from the school videotapes the events. Many of these students and teachers alike have heard the stories surrounding the paranormal, but one particular rider at the school did not believe the stories until she observed a ghost herself. In playing back the riding video, she passes a patch of woods that was unoccupied during the riding lesson. However, this same patch of woods shows the ghostly figure of a man standing and watching as the students progress past that area. Is this a ghost? We will let you decide.

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