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On this page, you will be able to view an assortment of ghost videos where people just like you have recorded events that seem to be paranormal. Check them out for yourself!

Michael Jackson's Ghost?

This video clip is from the Larry King Live show that was filmed live at Neverland Ranch on July 2,2009. After the show aired a shadowy figure was spotted which some believe to be the ghost of Michael Jackson. Is this Michael Jackson's ghost? You decide.


The area where the Battle of Gettysburg took place is a popular location for paranormal activity. All throughout history, there have been rumors of ghost pictures, ghost videos, and various types of haunting activities documented at this location. Imagine that you are taking a tour of the location, and that you are filming when suddenly, you spot something on the camcorder that is a little unusual. There is no physical evidence of anything being there, but the camera is picking up something that appears to be soldiers moving around in preparation for battle. This is what one couple caught on video while touring the old battlefields. Check it out for yourself!

Bedroom Surveillance Camera:

You have been hearing strange things in the upstairs bedroom. You have even thought that there may be a ghost lingering around up there. Your friends and family members believe you, but they really do not seem to place a lot of belief in your assumption regarding the “ghost” that you feel lives in your home. Imagine their surprise when you set up a video camera in the upstairs bedroom and capture a ghost opening a closet door and then walking by it, and going back into it! This is exactly what happened to the individual that recorded this video! They actually caught visible evidence that the spirit exists!

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